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What programming projects are you working on?
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inkhey 1 Nov, 2020
Hello all,
I don't program a lot as a hobby because this is already my job, but i do recently updated my avatar generator: . It's just a python library allowing to generate avatar from multiple images and merge them into one. The other goal of the library is to be able to get always the same result image from the same configuration + text seed.

Also, i'm thinking about creating a proper lib to read mime-share-info xml database file and be able to get mimetype of a file from it. mime-share-info is the best existing mimetype database, as it can handle lot of exotic file, … With a simple tool to handle those xml file which is plateform agnostic, it will be really easy to have a software that can apply specific treatment to specific filetype.
Valck 3 Nov, 2020
Quoting: inkheythinking about creating a proper lib to read mime-share-info xml database file and be able to get mimetype of a file from it
You probably know about this already, but if you haven't, you might want to look into
$ file --mime-type --mime-encoding ~/myRandomFile
first before you venture on that endeavour...

Last edited by Valck on 3 November 2020 at 9:33 am UTC
damarrin 9 Nov, 2020
Well, it’s been a week since my last post on this and my hope that I’d be able to do something else for a bit was 100% in vain.

We are using it and it works, but there were and surely still are just so many problems... /o\ I was working on it practically non-stop for the past week again and now I hope the crunch is done. I’ll just fix any bugs that crop up and stop with new features, even though there are still very many to do.

Anyway, I need to find something else to program now.
denyasis 10 Nov, 2020
Also stretching "programming", I've been learning SQL since being transferred at work ("going inside" as we call it).
I'm building a simple query to run some general stats when needed to fill out mandated forms that our office gets every once in a while. Currently it's a mix of mySQL and SQL92(?) so I can talk to our "main server", which has been running for almost 30 years.

The SQL92(?) Development Environment literally looks like the Matrix, but beige. It's rough.

Last edited by denyasis on 10 November 2020 at 4:10 am UTC
barotto 10 Nov, 2020
Currently working on my own PC emulator:

It's just a hobby so updates are only a couple a year.

Linux testers are welcome!
Arehandoro 12 Nov, 2020
Like many others, "programming" might be strechting too much. I'm currently doing the Python Developer course in hyperskill. Yesterday I finished the last beginners project "TicTacToe" and looking forward to get into something more advanced. It "only" took me 6 months... so maybe in a couple of years I can start thinking of doing something more complex, like a game or so haha.

It's very interesting how, when I studied many years ago, I was not able to grasp Java and OOP concepts, which led me to change from trying to be a programmer to be a SysAdmin. But now, with Python, I'm able to understand it and enjoy it. A shame that took me so long for this, but better late than never I guess :D
damarrin 12 Nov, 2020
Don’t sweat it, it took me 20 years to start programming after I got into sysadmining. And I don’t even have a technical education.

Last edited by damarrin on 12 November 2020 at 1:53 pm UTC
d10sfan 13 Nov, 2020
I've been working on a work of luxtorpeda called luxtorpeda-dev ( It's the project that makes it easier to run source ports of Steam games, so you can play them natively.

Since the lockdown started was able to spend a bunch of time on it, mainly working on easy automated builds, automatic updates of the available engines for the client (so that new versions will get automatically downloaded), and adding more support for other games.
kokoko3k 14 Nov, 2020
I developed for a couple of years xt7-player, now xt7-player-mpv; it was a gui to mplayer, now to mpv with all the functions i need (filters, library managment, hotkeys and so on).
It is written in gambas and i think it is because of that that it is not popular, but it works for me :)

Also, ssh-rdp, in bash, is an attempt to create a zero-latency desktop streaming suitable for remote gaming (graphic+sound+any input device)
I've tested it with nvidia and with nvidia prime render offload and i've to say it feels better than steam remote playing.
Maybe it needs adjustments with amd gpus, i can't say.
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