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[FIXED] No more receiving daily newsletter
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furaxhornyx 27 May

Liam Dawe
Liam Dawe
furaxhornyxI received the newsletter this morning, but it was sent twice.
Also, I had the correct titles I think, but they all linked to , which gave me 404 not found error. :(
Doh! Fixed.

I received the newsletter twice again this morning, but at least the links were working. Nearly fixed
That would be because you signed up for the guest mailing list, and then again on your user account ;)

I've removed you from the guest one and ensured a message is displayed in future if trying to add an email in the mailing list when an account exists with it.

Ok, thank you ! :)

furaxhornyx 28 May

Fixed, finally !
Thank you :)

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