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Useless Personal Projects
mirv 27 May

So I thought that in case it wasn't entirely useless to others, I'd post a couple of links to hacked together little programs that have helped me somewhat. They're from open source projects and tutorials around the 'net, which saved me having to reinvent a few wheels.

First is because I wanted to generate UV maps from gltf mesh data. The UV layout, normal map (corresponding to UV layout), and height data (again as a UV layout). Main aim was actually texture blending for terrain with non-grid UV layouts (avoiding stretched textures on slopes), and so I needed normal and height data in the UV layout. This is possible using blender of course, but I was having some trouble there and decided that it would just be quicker to use Vulkan for off-screen rendering. Plus, the absurd amount of raw processing that a GPU can do makes it so much faster than firing up blender.
Mostly based off Sascha Willems' Vulkan tutorials, and then butchered to fit my needs.

Second is because I wanted to more than anything else. A while back I wanted to generate BC7 compressed images for use in a Vulkan project, and there really wasn't much around that was a) command line and scriptable, b) available for GNU/Linux, and c) wasn't some shady license. Fortunately Rich Geldreich wrote bc7enc16, which is really fast and does everything I needed. Purely for the sake of "why not", I decided to spend a day using the core of that (the encoding only) and run it multi-threaded with some C++'isms. And generate mipmap levels while I'm at it, though I haven't actually checked that they're valid (working on that with a separate side project) so there might be more than a few mistakes. Experimental ktx2 output, and again I'm not sure I have that right as it's still a new (and not yet fully official) format.

Not professional level code. Hacked together. MIT, because I used MIT licensed code to base things on. C++20 support needed, because I want to learn more of that and need something to practice on.

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