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VR streaming / screenshot app?
Patola 1 Jun

Anyone know a good streaming or screenshot application that works with SteamVR and can get what appears on the HMD, instead of what is sometimes replicated to the screen? And is SteamVR the only way to get access to the VR devices or there are other applications/schemes that can do it? Even with SteamVR loaded, the haptic controllers of the Valve Index do not appear in the output from xinput list.

haagch 1 Jun

There's screenshot functionality in SteamVR but it doesn't work on linux:

There is an obs plugin for SteamVR but it most likely only works on Windows/Direct3D:

If you want to Stream, the game window that 99.9% of games display on the desktop is probably a good choice since it sometimes deliberately has a different UI to than in VR, for example Half Life Alyx shows a HUD with current HP etc. and also has some options to smooth out head movements in the game window to make it more pleasant for observers to watch.

Otherwise you want to use the mirror window with "Display VR View" from the SteamVR menu and take screenshots and videos with that. It shows (almost) exactly what is shown in the HMD and it also has a bunch of options which eye to display and with or without distortion.

The Index Controllers are not supported anywhere in the desktop input stack yet (libinput, ...) so they are treated like any other unknown HID device, meaning no software accesses it by default and the desktop input stack doesn't know they exist.

The HID protocol they use isn't terribly hard (at least the basic stuff) and for Index controllers that are wirelessly connected to a HMD or dongle there are implementations in libsurvive and monado that can read trigger value, trigger click, a and b click, trackpad click, trackpad value, thumbstick click and thumbstick value and produce haptic pulses. When connected over USB to a PC the protocol is actually different (neither is publicly documented).

At this point it would definitely be possible to make the buttons work like mouse buttons, to make the trackpad work like a touchpad or to make the thumbstick work like a joystick and use it on the Linux desktop it's just that so far nobody has done the implementation (it would also be annoying to have this input conflict with SteamVR).

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