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Co-op games recommendation
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WJMazepas 28 Jun

Quoting: eldakingI am currently playing a lot of Northgard with my friends, a reasonably chill RTS. It isn't co-op per se, but we only play it cooperatively - i.e., as a team of 3-4 against a team of AIs (due to: we are a bunch of carebears that don't want to compete with each other and backstab and etc) and it's really fun. The game has a very punishing environment (harsh winters, neutral factions, kraken attacks, etc) so it doesn't get boring by not having human opponents.

I dont know if my friends like RTS games, but i liked this Northgard so i will probably buy for me

I would recommend Terraria if after some crafting and adventuring with a friend. It does have a Linux native version, but according to ProtonDB, people are having better luck with the Proton version:

Portal 2 is a lot of fun from what I have heard as well.

Back in the day, I used to play a lot of Zombie Escape and DeathRun servers on CS:Source with a friend, which were amazingly fun (especially the Zombie Escape map where it was set in Moria from Lord of the Rings and you had to jump over the bridge rocking back and forth). These modes seem to also be available for CS:GO, so that along with the Danger Zone mode should keep you busy.

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