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Steam Play, use vanilla wine as a compatibility tool?
kokoko3k 14 Jul

I'm having problems with proton and proton-ge with my steering wheel (an unavoidable dead zone on Axis 0, the wheel).
It turns out that vanilla wine works fine, instead. (already reported to proton devs on github)
I already tried to install steam for windows in lutris, but it is glitchy as hell.
I alsto tried to start the whole steam game with wine by setting the WINEPREFIX to the steam/proton prefix, but it refuses to start.
It is possible (and how) to use wine, instead of proton, to start the game from the linux version of steam, maybe by using compatibilitytools.d directory?

Thanks in advance!

Last edited by kokoko3k on 14 July 2020 at 2:07 pm UTC

kokoko3k 15 Jul

The game installs and starts fine, but the client is a PITA.
The interface shows up for a second, then all becomes black, after a couple of seconds it shows up again and the cycle never stops.
Moving the mouse does not changte anything.
Also the cpu use ot steamwebhelper.exe is very high; it seems that it is not just a glitsh, but the whole interface that reloads itself again and again, i didn't check, maybe it crashes again and again.
Installing the game means using the library in the short time it appears, is a game by itself :)
I also tried big picture mode, but after a couple of seconds while it shows the initial animation, it crashes.
Other downsides of using lutris is that trying to start the game directly from the command line does not work.
If i use: lutris:rungame/grid-autosport (game slug used by lutris for Grid autosport), it does not work, because it only starts the wine steam client, but not the game.
By now i managed to start wine steam with "-no-browser steam://open/minigameslist" arguments to circumvent the issues.

But still, all would be easier and simpler if i could just use plain wine instead of proton whitin the linux steam client.

Ehvis 15 Jul

Quoting: kokoko3kBut still, all would be easier and simpler if i could just use plain wine instead of proton whitin the linux steam client.

I imagine it is not that hard, but it would require some effort. Probably easiest by taking a Lutris build of Wine and merging it with a regular proton build. You'll probably need to make a few adjustments to the "proton" script though to make sure it doesn't do anything "proton specific". Then drop the whole thing into compatibilitytools.d like Proton-GE or Boxtron and you should be able to make it work.

kokoko3k 15 Jul

Thanks Ehvis, i never looked at the proton tree, now i see it contains the wine executables right into his bin folder, which seems promising indeed.

kokoko3k 15 Jul

Ok, i've taken the easy path and i downloaded proton-ge, installed, modified the name and i've replaced anything in his bin/ folded (wine, wineserver etc..) with links to the system /bin/ files (links are needed to allow wine to find their libs and not the ones that comes with proton-ge).
Tested with supraland and it works, but it complains it is not connected to steam and no cloud saves as a bonus.
If i think of it, it is expected.
I'd need an un "unprotoned, but not so much" proton build, or bisect the specific issue.
Grid Autosport seems to work flawlessly with cloud saves and all, go figure...

Last edited by kokoko3k on 15 July 2020 at 11:53 am UTC

kokoko3k 15 Jul

Yeah, more or less.
Grid Autosport works with cloud saves!
There was an issue with it not saving the graphical options, but (for other users reference) it is sufficient to replace the folder named as your user in the created prefix with a link (named as your user) to the steamuser one.

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