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So...if Microsoft...
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Solar 22 Jul

...created their very own desktop Linux distro, ported all their necessary API's thats needed to run the multitude of games and apps from the last 20 years of Windows (ie; DX) and added native .exe support, Would you consider switching over?

Me? I'm a gamer first and Linux user second, I'm not one of the die hard open source fans, Linux just simply feels more natural for me and so it's my prefered choice. But ,the idea of being able to do on Linux everything I used to do on Windows without having to think, or make do with alternate software, or losing out on a lot of games, would be the deal breaker.
I would definitely hop over, at least for a while.

This topic is intended to be lighthearted BTW, so please go easy

omicron-b 22 Jul

If it's Linux, I could probably install it offline and purge telemetry.

If so, I would probably dual boot it only to play some rare gems that don't run on Linux. Maybe Elder Scrolls VI? There is no such game for me at the moment. But I would totally not pay for it more than 10 bucks, I would use a trial for 30 days, then delete.

And I would keep all my other drives encrypted

CatKiller 22 Jul

I wouldn't. I didn't mind Windows when I used it, it's just that after I tried Linux I immediately saw that it was better. The changes that I've heard about on the Windows side are either making it worse or incompetently copying Canonical. (I'm aware that Ubuntu's strengths are shared by the wider Linux ecosystem, but it seems that it's Canonical that Microsoft have fixated on for their cargo cult rather than, say, Red Hat or Arch)

Where Microsoft Linux is the same as everyone else's Linux I could get the same from any other distro, and where it's different it's likely to be worse than I'd get from any other distro.

I'd welcome Microsoft encouraging all those hardware manufacturers and third-party software developers to make their stuff work with Linux, but I'd have no interest in using a Microsoft Linux.

s8as8a 22 Jul

No way. :D

I love Debian technologically and philosophically too much to want to use anything else, especially if it's something where I have to disable anti-user features like telemetry. (As an example of Debian's superior philosophical stance, even anonymous data gathering for statistics are disabled by default!)

Also, there's no need to "surrender" our distributions of choice because cross-platform development is a very viable thing.

Having said that, I would be happier if and when I would have to use it on other people's computers, though. :)

Grazen 22 Jul

I probably would. Linux is open source so we could see what MSFT is doing back there. More importantly other distros would just add those bits and/or others would fork it.

I just moved back to Windows to finish my play through of Death Stranding and it is pretty good to be able to play everything with DLSS and RTX enabled. I also have the Xbox Game Pass and there’s a ton of good games in there right now. There is a cost to using Linux, no question about that.

Cyril 22 Jul

Quoting: SolarMe? I'm a gamer first and Linux user second, I'm not one of the die hard open source fans, Linux just simply feels more natural for me and so it's my prefered choice

I'm a Linux user first and gamer second.
I wouldn't touch this Microsoft Linux... and if they do what you say, it has to be Free Software, if not, I won't be using it (or open source at least, and I would install it on my distro of choice, not theirs).
Trust is not a thing you can change within a day, I don't trust this company and never will, because of their past/actual consequences.

Last edited by Cyril on 22 July 2020 at 11:21 pm UTC

I wouldn't touch anything associated with them. I have such a low opinion of the company I want nothing to do with them

furaxhornyx 23 Jul

Well, if it weren't for its end of support, I would still be using hassle-free Windows 7.

What made me switch to linux is the bloated, hard to fix (got two friend's computer to fix, it was a nightmare), Spyware-Edition Windows 10.

I wouldn't care much one which kernel it was running ; look, there's plenty of MacOS users out there, and I pretty sure they are not using it solely because it is linux-like (I think it is based on FreeBSD ?)

randyl 23 Jul

Nope, not at all for a couple of reasons. First, I love how Fedora packages Linux now and am happy with my OS. Second, I don't like the Microsoft way of doing things. I work on Windows every day and I hate using it. I doubt I'd like their version of Linux (I already don't like WSL2).

On top of that I'm a Linux user before I'm a gamer. The GPL and the copy left software philosophy and community are important to me. I don't think Microsoft as a company really even gets or values that.

Finally, there aren't many games in my Steam library that don't work on Windows anymore. Out of nearly 400 games only about 15 don't work (or aren't work the hassle to hack together a fix). Of those, there are only 3 I still like: Destiny 2, Vermintide 2, and Tree of Savior.

Solar 23 Jul

Quoting: PublicNuisanceI wouldn't touch anything associated with them. I have such a low opinion of the company I want nothing to do with them
We all have a low opinion of them to some degree, but wouldnt you be intrigued to see what they would do with Linux if they keep it open source?

Last edited by Solar on 23 July 2020 at 7:47 am UTC

Samsai 24 Jul

So, I'm guessing what the post means is that if Microsoft ported its userland to run on top of the Linux kernel, would I use it.

It doesn't matter much what kernel is running underneath. NT or Linux doesn't matter as much as what is running on top of it. And in this case I'm guessing it would be Microsoft's proprietary APIs and their proprietary user-level applications and possibly proprietary drivers attached to the kernel with a layer of glue.

I don't like how Windows works and with that much Microsoft stuff running on it, I don't think the Linux kernel could offset all the negative aspects. Plus Microsoft's proprietary APIs are already a problem on its own and I have absolutely no trust in them not trying to pull harmful stunts with the software they control.

So, that would be a hard nope, I wouldn't use a Microsoft Linux and I don't believe turning Linux into a Windows would be any kind of benefit. At best this Microsoft Linux would be a marginal improvement to running pure Windows, but at least to me it would be a straight-up downgrade.

Last edited by Samsai on 24 July 2020 at 9:32 am UTC

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