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What is the Smoothest Distro playing games ON these Days?
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mirv 12 Sep, 2020
Quoting: mos
Quoting: tuubi
Quoting: mosneed to remember what mods are actually for on forums and ban for stupid flame questions
You might want to read the rules. According to them, distribution wars are not allowed (and I fully agree that they're pointless), but another rule goes like this: "Backseat moderation is not wanted. If you have issues, report it by hitting the little flag icon on a post."
I'd rather ban those who support the pointless discussion with "da serious" answers
troll the idiots so they leave the forums themselves I say... BUT there's the actual gripe with moderation - you'll be moderated for keeping the Internet clean and culling the entropy. NOT the idiots.. in most cases, sadly.

Not seeing a flame war here, actually most answers have supporting information so that people can think about the pros & cons of a system. GNU/Linux desktop solutions are not a one-size-fits-all, and especially people new to a *nix environ can be confused by the wide range of choices.

Everyone is new to a computer system at some point. Nobody is born with intimate computing knowledge, unless the Bene Gesserit are actually a thing (and even then, they wouldn't permit pre-born).

So maybe let's just stick to the topic of figuring out a nice gaming experience for people getting started with GNU/Linux.

On a related note, this can be very useful (for distros that utilise systemd):
mos 12 Sep, 2020
Quoting: mirvGNU/Linux desktop solutions are not a one-size-fits-all
thanks. am in dis game since roughly 2004 and tasted distros that were big in the day but donna even exist now.

am talking about something completely different here. and no, there's nothing useful in a thread like this.
mos 12 Sep, 2020
the rule of thumb in this is the same that is true for most things in life - it's not that important what the tool is (one vs the other) but the expertise of the user.
mos 12 Sep, 2020
Quoting: mirvNobody is born with intimate computing knowledge
exactly. not even the nipple. it's all LEARNED. (c)
it's not learning this discussion. I KNOW what's learning is. and it's not this. same goes for 90% threads on similar subjects on the net sadly.
I've started with literally 2-3 pages of printed text first discovering that there's HDA in linuxes rather than C: or D:

but it's important how you go from there. there's much more oppo's to learn today than 15 yrs ago, but sadly way less perseverance to do so...
mos 12 Sep, 2020
Quoting: mirvBene Gesserit
I'd be surprised with a user casually mentioning this stuff but then I remember there's another blockbuster on the cards.
yeah I'm so ancient I've read teh books and I also happen to LIKE the much maligned Lynch's adaptation. I can just as well admit am so nerd that I've even watched the docu on the infamous Jodorowski's treatment (pity it doesn't shed much light on what it was to be like despite teasing a huge tome of sketches implying that "it's all there")
on_en_a_gros 12 Sep, 2020
Egee, has some benchmark and comparison videos between distribution and DE, not really scientifically made, but it can be instructive.
Akitake 19 Sep, 2020
I just can't get behind KDE's design, look and feel.

Gnome 3 feels much more homely to me, still customizable, but simpler, and more elegant.
And it has come a long way in its 9 years of development in terms of performance and polish.

Whether using Ubuntu, Pop!OS or Manjaro, you'll have a great experience on all three, it's all about personal preference and how up to date you want your software to be.

I use vanilla Arch for the latest and greatest, and because I feel like Debian-based distros tend to be a bit more of a pain to tinker with. And also, I just dislike spins of spins of spins of distros.

I wanted stable framerate on games, squeezing all the performance I could out of my hardware and saw big improvements with the following:

- Kernel: tkg-pds, present on the chaotic-aur:
You need the package that works with your CPU architecture, in my case an i5 6600k, nicknamed Skylake, I, therefore, got the linux-tkg-pds-skylake and linux-tkg-pds-skylake-headers packages.
FYI: If using nvidia, also recommend getting the chaotic-nvidia-dkms-tkg package along with the other ones (settings, utils, opencl, etc..) in the same repo.
Although normal nvidia-dkms should also work, it's just not quite as good from experience.

- WM: mutter-performance in place of just mutter
- And for wine games, GloriousEggroll's latest version of Proton:
- Disabling mitigations (spectre, meltdown, etc..) for intel CPUs with grub cmdline parameters: (only recommended if behind a secure network, and on a desktop, at home)
- Oh and of course, feral's gamemode, do yourself a favor and just use it:

And if the Arch install scares you or you simply don't want to deal with installing it "the arch way", this Calamares installer does the job just fine, I recommend it:

There you go!

Last edited by Akitake on 19 September 2020 at 7:29 pm UTC
undeadbydawn 20 Sep, 2020
Quoting: JaredDefine what you mean by smoothest. PopOS and SalientOS do have some software related to gaming preinstalled by default. You can however customize any distribution to your liking, as well as adding custom kernels that can increase your gaming performance. These tools that are preinstalled on these distributions listed above aren't distro exclusive but rather distro agnostic.

I'm running Salient XFCE (with Zen kernel) and absolutely loving it. Silent Robot has set it up with damned near everything, and has his own repo to ensure ongoing compatibilities. Just started playing Resident Evil 2 Remaster and it's buttery smooth. I highly recommend giving it a try. The Plasma version is also gorgeous, though it was affected by the massive botch update KDE pushed out a month ago.
Akitake 21 Sep, 2020
Salient's nice yeah, only issue I had with it in the past is the slow release cycle. There can be 2-3 months without an ISO, and by then installing and upgrading will cause issues.
But if an iso came out within the month it should be fine.
fires 4 Oct, 2020
I found the answer Manjaro works best for me
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