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November Update
Liam Dawe 28 Nov, 2020

Hello GOL followers! Liam here for another glorious monthly update. I hope you are all doing well. This was first posted on Patreon.

I also totally missed posting up the October update here, so read that on Patreon.

Comments / Forum Posts

- The selective quoting feature, where you highlight some text has been improved. Should work smoother overall now. It also now works properly across pages with the new AJAX loading system.

- The long-quote hiding feature now works across article comments pages with the new AJAX loading system, rejoice! Sorry, totally forgot to hook it up originally.

Wait, what's the AJAX loading system? It was mentioned in the previous monthly update. To put it simply: when changing pages in article comments, only the comments area is reloaded and not the whole page.

- Anywhere you see the BBCode box (comments/forum posts), there's now hotkeys for bold, italic, underline and links:
CTRL+B for bold
CTRL+I for italic
CTRL+U for underline
CTRL+K for links

User Profiles

- Completed the roll out of custom profile addresses showing up everywhere a user profile link appears....hopefully. Remember you can set a custom profile URL on your personal details section of the UserCP.

- The PC Info section now has questions for your monitor Refresh Rate and if you use VRR. See the stats any time here.

Other bits:

- The newer email style for stuff sent by GOL to you was tweaked, it should look better across all email clients now. Logo not so big, content area remains white to prevent link colouring issues on some crappy clients.

- Enabled the Patreon private RSS feeds for audio posts, so you can easily subscribe to the podcast and get it early when we do that. Find how to use it here. We plan to continue the Co-op News Punch since feedback has been great.

- We added support for WebSub (prev called PubSubHubbub) to the main article RSS feed for anyone wanting it.

- The filters on the Free Games page now actually stick between pages.

- Fixed an article search bug: now stripping all special operators (-+>< and so on) from search terms as it was causing issues. It still searches properly to find words using them rather than just dying on you and giving an error page. Thanks to bugs with InnoDB and full text searching...

- Totally remade the style for the "Hot Articles Over The Last 30 Days" and "Recent Linux Distribution and Open Source News" sections at the bottom of the home page. They now fit properly everywhere and across different screen sizes.

- New articles live since last monthly update: 243

Another thing I wanted to mention was on the subject of productivity, and these monthly updates. I hope you've been enjoying these round-up posts about everything going on. The one thing I want to mention is just not to expect them every single month, there will be some months where I won't have time to do things outside of the usual articles as some articles and videos can end up taking entire days (to play / write or record / edit). I hope that makes sense. If there are other things you think we could be doing, let us know any time.

Don't forget we also have regular livestreams over on our Twitch Channel. We have a Discord, Telegram, IRC, Matrix, a dedicated Forum with an "answered" feature, a list of Crowdfunded Games and so on.

We're much more than just a "news site".

Stay safe and warm, Liam.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 28 November 2020 at 2:58 pm UTC

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