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Polychoron - A new 6-degrees-of-freedom 3D shoot'em up
Polychoron is a simple but challenging zero-gravity 3D high score shoot'em up where you fight hostile drones in endless series of unique mazes. Designed for hassle-free short game sessions.


Navigate your way through unique mazes filled with hostile drones and other deadly machinery. Survive longer, take out more hostiles and collect more score than others to get your name on the global high score table.

This is what it looks like in action:

Game page with FREE downloads (Linux/Android/Windows)

I'm the solo developer behind the game. The development is currently in "late alpha" stage with most of the planned content in place. And by the way, this is also developed 100% on Linux

If you have any questions, let me know. And if you try the game, please let me know what you think!

EDIT: The game is now ready and released!

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Julius 7 Feb
Looks cool.

If you want a similar game (but with Rogue-like mechanics), try Sublevel-Zero:

It has a really nice Linux port, and the Windows version runs well through Proton if you want to play it in VR.

New alpha version (0.0.10) is now available with quite a few improvements:

  • Fixed a crash when picking up jammer module power-up.

  • Trigger mines based on line-of-sight alone.

  • Changed default gamepad movement modifier to L1 button.

  • Use threaded audio in the web version to fix audio latency and jitter.

  • Fixed too dark HUD colors with GLES2 renderer (again).

  • Added kill markers (red crosses) indicating positions of already destroyed drones.

  • Made explosion fragments disappear much faster.

  • Added enemy communication sounds.

  • Added icon file in Windows and Linux packages.

  • Restructured settings menu.

  • Added master and music volume settings.

  • Added custom splash screen at start-up.

  • Fixed laser beam occasionally flashing visible even when not equipped.

  • Don't activate a teleport while it overlaps the player.

  • Made tougher enemy types drop more score.

  • Only give out half the usual score when restarting a level.

  • Flash ship integrity value in HUD when taking damage.

  • Added an emergency repair ship module power-up.

  • Made laser sentry guns power down the beam and raise the shield when losing line of sight.

  • Added enemy-piercing rail gun ship module power-up.

  • Documented ship module power-ups in readme.txt.

  • Use quickly fading emissive material color for explosion fragments.

  • Fixed quickly repeating sound effects cutting off.

  • Added --disable-vsync command line argument.

More information here:
Downloads are hosted on
Polychoron has gone beta! The first beta version 0.1.0 is now available on the game page:


Here's a new gameplay trailer:
first impressions: game is a bit tough, all controls work good. no performance issues boots up fast.
and i like the graphics too

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@fractilegames any plans to make the game available on steam?
Quoting: trackmasters39181@fractilegames any plans to make the game available on steam?

No plans at the moment. This will very likely be a pay-what-you-want title on and I can't do that on Steam. Also, since I'm not expecting to make much money with this, I don't want the extra setup/maintenance effort and fees.

If there's enough interest, I might reconsider it later.
Another beta update (0.1.1) is out with following changes:

  • Added a tip about double-tap-and-shoot gesture for shooting in the mobile version.

  • Increased ambient light and ship spotlight brightness slightly.

  • Fixed wrong titles in video and audio settings menus.

  • Added an optional visible maze wireframe.

  • Removed broken debanding setting in the mobile version.

  • Properly adjust GLES2 renderer lighting for the camera outside level too.

  • Moved virtual shoot button slightly closer to screen center in the mobile version.

  • Added a setting for hiding touch screen control overlays.

  • Use all available screen space for roll control on top left part of the touch screen.

  • Removed confusing red crosses left in place of destroyed drones.

  • Fixed weird colored flashes at level start when global illumination is enabled.

  • Lowered the frequency of emergency repair power-ups on higher levels.

  • Fixed enemies spawning in positions where they are visible from player start point.

  • Made enemies see the player when any part of the ship is visible.

  • Adjusted enemy shoot delays for slightly easier start but faster decrease on higher levels.

More information here:
Downloads are hosted on

Last edited by fractilegames on 16 August 2021 at 6:22 am UTC
Quoting: fractilegamesRemoved confusing red crosses left in place of destroyed drones.

oh the crosses meant the destroyed drone's position? it was really confusing,and thanks that it is removed. Initially i thought that those crosses were showing me the way in which i had to go.

Quoting: fractilegamesFixed enemies spawning in positions where they are visible from player start point.

yeah i lost a game because of this

do i have to redownload the full game or can i somehow update my current one?

Last edited by trackmasters39181 on 16 August 2021 at 10:42 am UTC
Quoting: trackmasters39181do i have to redownload the full game or can i somehow update my current one?
If you're using the app, it will handle the update. Otherwise, you'll have to re-download the new version.
It's done! Version 1.0.0 is out now:

A new gameplay trailer:


Get ready to die in the maze!
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