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Busted SoC on an AMD B350?
The_Aquabat 27 Jul
so once I had the bad idea of tightening the timings of my cheap RAM memory on this B350 Gigabyte motherboard, worst idea ever. After a few months it busted a DIMM module. After that incident the motherboard never ran like it did. POST would take ages, and when unplugging the PC from the wall the bios will reset, which is weird. Sometimes it wouldn't pick up one of the DIMM modules, I had to reboot several times to have it pick it up, this never happened before. I sent the motherboard to a technician, and he basically told me the motherboard was fine. I researched a bit , and seems that this type of memory problems seems common on AM4 first gen motherboards, so I settled it was some of hardware bug I could cope with. Fast foward some months, and a week ago, it started to shutdown itself mainly when stressing the GPU in demanding games or benchmarks. After it shutdown itself, turning it on would be a pain in the ass, just randomly it will power up, like I needed to press the power button like 30 times to power up, and also the PC seemed to be struggling with the POST self check, like fans spinning weirdly at high and low speeds.
A few days ago I decided to replace it for a B450 with Ryzen 5000 support, and voila, everything started working like it should. Suddenly I went from 54fps on Shadow of the TR to 84fps, with exactly the same components and just a different motherboard. Also the throttling of the GPU stopped like if the GPU was suddenly receiving a lot more power than before.
So here's my question, should I replace also the PSU?, because it sounds to me like something was not delivering proper current to the RAM memory and the GPU. Or else can a busted SoC or northbridge can produce the same symptoms of an underpowered PSU.
thanks for the answers.
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denyasis 28 Jul
I'd say, if everything is running fine on the B450, there's prolly no need to replace the PSU yet.
The motherboard does distribute power to the components, including the GPU, so it seems reasonable if there is an issue there with it providing stable power, it could resemble PSU problems.

In my experience, POST isn't super power intensive, so if the problems are happening there, along with the Bios resets; I'm thinking motherboard.

Either way, if its working now, no reason to change anything just yet.
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