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Chrome - in browser drag & drop lag
Guppy 14 Sep
My System Info

Linux Distribution: Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
Desktop Environment: Cinnamon 5.0.5
Graphics Card: GTX 970
GPU Driver Version: NVIDIA 460.91.03

Have you checked for system updates?: [Yes]

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Sysinfo dump

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Attempt to drag anything in the browser ( eg. click & hold on a random image and then move the mouse ) the image now lags after the cursor and slowly chases it until it finally catches up.

This *only* happens in chrome, not in firefox or any other program.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this and/or have a fix as it's beginning to drive me nuts :|
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dec05eba 14 Sep
It started happening to me too a few chromium updates ago. Actually, I think some people even have this issue on windows now
scaine 14 Sep
Not seeing it here - just tested on Firefox (smooth), then replicated same webpage/image on Chrome (also smooth).

Very different environment though - this is Pop_OS 20.04, on AMD mesa graphics, gnome 3.
Guppy 14 Sep
well I'll be damned with 93.0.4577.82-1 it's completely gone.

Why isn't there a change log for google chrome - they have "release notes" but that's only for major versions
tldr use Firefox
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