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Final Fantasy XIV Online (Lutris). Right mouse camera control broken.
superboybot 31 Dec, 2021
My System Info

Linux Distribution: Arch
Desktop Environment: Sway
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
GPU Driver Version: Mesa 21.3.2

Have you checked for system updates?: Yes

If this is not Steam, you can still give us a system readout using inxi with "inxi -SbCGxx" in terminal (please put that into Pastebin/Gist as linked above!):

You can note your issue below here

I'm trying to play FF XIV via Lutris using the open-source XIVLauncher. I am hitting an issue when rotating the camera with the right mouse button. When holding right-click, moving the mouse even slightly causes the camera to go completely haywire.

Here is a (quite compressed) clip of what I am talking about:

The camera can also be adjusted with the arrow keys, which I use to move the camera halfway through the clip. However, this is not really a solution to my problem.

I've had this happen twice before (three times total over approx. five days of playing). Restarting my computer worked the first time but not the second. After trying numerous options in the game and in Lutris, I just reinstalled, which fixed the problem. Downloading and installing the game takes 45+ minutes, so it isn't something I would like to do every time this happens.

I have very few theories as to why this happens. Occasionally my razor mouse freezes (doesn't move but still clicks). I've also been having problems with hardware acceleration with my web browser (Brave). Could any of these be related? It is difficult to pinpoint possible contributing factors since I can't find anyone else with my issue.

Thank you for reading my post. Any help is appreciated, as right now the game is unplayable for me.

EDIT: The game was working fine, I closed it, I opened it again about an hour later, and it's messed up. The problem also occurs in the character selection screen, before fully logging in.

Last edited by superboybot on 31 December 2021 at 7:41 am UTC
whizse 31 Dec, 2021
Skimming through the reports in ProtonDB there are some mouse issues mentioned. Some are specific for Wayland, some for gaming mice with high polling rates:

You could try running the game in X11, reducing the polling rate of the mouse, disabling vsync, or playing around with the Wine options for capturing the mouse in fullscreen.
Sorry for the delayed response.

These are good suggestions, and I tried different mouse sensitivity options, various options in WINE and Lutris (including the fullscreen mouse option you mentioned, whizse).

I firmly believe my web browser is causing the issue, but I don't know why or how to fix it. I managed to recreate the issue:

  • Restart machine and open FFXIV

  • Open Brave and go start playing a video in the browser (once in a while it happens with YT, but I found causes it almost 100%)

  • Observe the issue

At that point, I have to restart/log back in; closing the browser does not fix it. Turning off HW acceleration in the browser doesn't seem to make a difference, which is unfortunate. I can work around this problem using Firefox, but it crashes quite a bit (sometimes as often as 2-3 times an hour). My speculation is that whatever causes the issue with Brave is also causing Firefox to crash, but at least I can play the game.

I suspect this is an unusual problem, any suggestions on how to follow up on this (bug report, etc.)?
metalinux 14 Jan
This user had similar camera issues to you when running FF14 on Wayland.

For them, switching back to X11 caused no issues, so from my angle it seems like an problem with Sway.

One of the Reddit users fixed the game under Sway by using gamescope, with these example launch options:

gamescope -f -w 2560 -h 1440 -b -- gamemoderun %command%

For reporting bugs, the Sway issue tracker can be found here.
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