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Good game music suggestions -
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Quoting: denyasisNot gonna lie, I tried it at work today. Did the Hollow Knight soundtrack while sorting parts. Got through 3 cases, which is more than I thought I would!

Long live music ! An effective stimulant to work well.
panczyk 5 May
Hi, I always listen to music when I work, I like it to be instrumental only, not to distract myself from the tasks. But When playing games, I like to listen to podcasts and webinars, as someone above already said. It's easy for me to concentrate on both, the game and the podcast. I wouldn't have listened to them otherwise, so it's a win win ;)
Jahimself 7 May

I have a passion with game music, and I am planning to release one day a huge playlist (more than 400 tracks) with a selection of some of the bests song of all the soundtrack of the games I have loved and even game I haven't played.

I will try to focus on the universal aspect of some songs that you could listen and enjoy without knowing anything about the video game nor the context of it. Although many game soundtrack are only good in the context of the game because it is designed for it and it is the part making the game "living".

If the soundtrack is good generally I listen to it after playing and think it is a good way to return to the game without necessarily playing it. Soundtrack and sound design is probably one of the most important thing in a video game in my opinion.

A game can have all the best graphics and gameplay if the soundtrack is not good, you won't keep a good memory of the game, and you might skip it sooner.

Some games had such good soundtrack that it can counterweight their main flaws. For instance Lost Eden, Dune spice opera or Atlantis was not perfectly designed and had many flaws, but the soundtracks made by Stephen Picq will forever stay in my mind. (atlantis: "sunriders" or "muria", lost eden: "lost eden theme", "brontosaurus" KGB/Conspiracy: "kursk", for Dune spice opera there is a very good adlib gold version you can check on youtube. Both normal and adlib versions are good I think it's a great OST.)

I can almost picture the whole game and good moment of it by listening to only the few first notes of one song of the game. I liked a lot some soundtrack made by Christophe Heral (beyond good & evil "funky akuda bar" "home sweet home", rayman origins & legend "fiesta de los muertos" sums up quite well the spirit of these two excellent games with Christophe whistling). Soundtrack made by Jesper Kyd (Hitman Blood Money with its special "ave maria" or Vermintide for instance).

Amanita Design game like samorost1 and 2 or machinarium also have great songs. Especially the non remastered version of the first samorost which was better, like the records ones for instance, you can still find them on youtube "Samorost 1 Soundtrack - Records", "by the wall" or "gameboy tune" for instance for machinarium.

Some song are good because they are perfectly suited in the context of the game, and some are simply good song overall that you can keep coming back to.

I like a lot the main theme of the game Bad Mojo. Some song in Katana Zero and many Devolver games are pretty good. Hotline Miami 1&2 "Daisuke" for instance. Katana zero:"rain on brick" "come and see" "end of the road" "volition" "overdose" "breath of a serpent". Ruiner: "rise", "Island Door (Paranesian Circle)" by Susumu Hirasawa, "sleep paralysis". Mother russia bleeds also fits really good with the visual atmosphere and has a russian soul vibe to it "black racers" with the alarm sound that is a reference to streets of rage, "Night Brawlers" or "killing pool".

I grew up with a megadrive and sonic the hedgehog 1, 2 3 and the sonic & knuckles special catridge, they had very nice track in it, like "sky chase zone" "starlight zone" "casino night zone", So as street of rage 1 & 2 by yuzo koshiro with a typical punchy energy."fighting in the streets" "Under Logic", the "main title" song "the streets of rage" or "go straight" for instance. Ecco the dolphin: "opening theme". Earthworm Jim: "use your head"

Most of Lucas Arts game also had amazing soundtrack, sam&max, monkey islands, grim fandango had awesome songs and some pretty original ones like 9th heaven, campaneros, the enlightened florist for instance. I'm also thinking of "lost soul alliance" or "bone wagon" which honestly could have easily stand in a Tanrantino Movie. Any of the song of the soundtrack works like a time machine for me and I can see the full picture of the levels by each song. It had so much emotion and nice humor. I was so happy when I completed the game to have played it.

Recently I went to the point & clic Journey Dawn, chapter 1 has very good reggae / jazz song notably like "the welder stressed" or "welder relaxed" "inside the charter"... ) . I also discovered Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (never too late for such a great game) The soundtrack is pretty acclaimed although I kind of got tired of most of the songs (maybe I played it too much already :p) still enjoyed a few of them, like songs between campaign maps. "stronghold town" "ai theme2" I think are good tracks among others.

Also dug a bit at the work of composer Cris Velasco , check the "main theme" of company of Heroes 2 for instance.

And as a historical point, whether you like it or not we can't forget that Amon Tobin released the soundtrack of one of the best, if not the best Splinter Cell game, a.k.a Chaos Theory. "Lighthouse" is one of the title I remember. I think he really did a good job as it was his first music for a videogame and it was fitting perfectly with the job and environnement of Sam Fisher :)

Cypress Hill in the game Kingpin: life of crime

David Bowie in the game Omikron: the nomad soul.

I am also thinking of Owlboy discovered here on gamingonlinux and it's epic "tropos (day)" song.

Some are quite slept on games, that had some good track in it, like the No One Lives Forever series, and it's "music theme"

LittleBigPlanet had some good trip hop song like the "song 2" from DJ Krush, which is one artist I have no problem coming back to every year (notably his album with Toshinori Kondo.)

I'm thinking of some anomalies such as urban chaos "dance nightclub" song that could really have been in every nightclub of those years.

Sorry My post is very long, I would have like to make it shorter, but I could also carry along for a while about this topic if I was not restraining myself :p

I hope one day I find the energy and motivation to create this huge video game history playlist.

Bonus one: terragnima "lhasa" on snes.
Lofty 9 May
Quoting: JahimselfSorry My post is very long, I would have like to make it shorter, but I could also carry along for a while about this topic if I was not restraining myself :p

Absolutely not. I found it interesting it's why i made this thread.

I also too like some of the Lucas Arts soundtracks although i prefer the 16bit console era such as Megadrive and SNES.
For instance on of my Favorite Megadrive soundtracks is: The Revenge of Album Shinobi by Yuzo Koshiro.
robvv 10 May
On a related note, the Dead Cells soundtrack is brilliant! Each of the tunes seems to fit the levels so well.
Lofty 10 May
Quoting: robvvOn a related note, the Dead Cells soundtrack is brilliant! Each of the tunes seems to fit the levels so well.

This is a simular type of game in some ways and has a cool soundtrack. If you like that retro 80's movie panpipe vibe.
mAdCraZyaJ 12 May
  • Supporter
Quoting: Lofty
Quoting: mAdCraZyaJAny of the albums by The Longest John’s are great for games like Sea of Thieves and AC. Various shanties are now permanently residing in my wife’s subconscious ready to be triggered. Very catchy.

Shanties you say ?

Sea Shanty 2

Play this and it might trigger her to dress up in a pirates outfit

😂 That’s a blast from the past!
serf 13 May
Some of my favorites (in random order):

HVNTRR - Jason Voorhees (Bass Boosted)
Tropkillaz - HIDEHO (Bass Boosted) Fowy Montana
Jack Brown - Bloke (Bass Boosted)
Linkin Park - In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Soda - Pullin Up (8D Bass Boosted)
Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Parah Dice Remix) (8D Bass Boosted)
Armin Van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah (Bass Boosted)
Cars Toons - Tokyo Drift (Bass Boosted) Teriyaki Boyz
XZEEZ - Gandagana Remix (Bass Boosted) XZEEZ
Rx Beats - Merry Christmas (8D Bass Boosted)
Pagan Fury - A Toast To You Pagan Fury
Psytrance Music (Bass Boosted)
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Official Video)
Hallelujah - Pentatonix
Portishead - Mysterons (Roseland NYC) (HQ)
Stromae - Alors On Danse (Dubdogz Remix) (Bass Boosted) Car Music
Choppa Dunks - Chant (Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
Ben Fero - Biladerim Için (Emrah Turken Remix)
Ultra Deep Bass Test !! Teriyaki Boyz
Sambata n Bmw (Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria (Dosner Remix)(Bass Boosted) Enur feat. Natasja
Dima Pulikov - Molodost (Lapa Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Imagine Dragons - Believer (8D Bass Boosted)
Carol Of The Bells (PHARAØH Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Tones and I - Dance Monkey (Lyrics) Tones and I
Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean (Bass Boosted)
Rachel Lorin - Trigger (Lyrics) (7clouds Release) Rachel Lorin
INNA - Flashbacks (Robert Cristian Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Two Feet - Had Some Drinks Trap Nation
Meg & Dia - Monster (LUM!X Bootleg) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
HyunA - I'm Not Cool (Bass Boosted)
BLACKPINK - How You Like That (Bass Boosted)
First Of The Year (Equinox) (Official Music Video)
Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video)
Onderkoffer - Bella Ciao Remix (Bass Boosted)
Michael Bublé - Christmas Trap Remix (Bass Boosted)
Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum (Remix) (Bass Boosted) Keys N Krates
Reggae Music 2022 (Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
K4rl - Demons (Bass Boosted)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (8D Bass Boosted)
HAYAT - Müslüm (8D Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
Dynoro - In My Mind (LYRICS) Bass Boosted ft Gigi D'Agostino Dynoro, Gigi D'Agostino
Someone Else, Spectrums & Braveboy - Fresh Prince (Bass Boosted)
HEED - Desert Rose
AWAY - Sleepwalker Ft. London Thor (LBLVNC Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Ben Fero, Ezhel - Kramp (Bass Boosted)
Sadluci - Yallah (Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
Jason Derulo - Wiggle (Bass Boosted) Jason Derulo
Two Feet - Go F Yourself (Bass Boosted)
Alexiane, Moses, Emr3ygul - Blue (Bass Boosted) Alexiane, Moses, Emr3ygul
Stromae - Santé (Official Music Video) Stromae
Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks (Bass Boosted) (HQ) Timmy Trumpet & Savage
The Dark Knight Song (Bass Boosted)
MC Zaac, Anitta, Tyga - Desce Pro Play (Bass Boosted)
PedroDJDaddy - Tokyo Drift (8D Bass Boosted) BASS BOOSTED SONGS
Samet Kardesler - Bir Gül Dü (Bass Boosted)
Stromae - Papaoutai (Clip Officiel)
Nikhita Gandhi - Do You Love Me (Bass Boosted)
OMFG - Hello
Jonn Hart -Throw It Back (Bass Boosted)
Camila Cabello - Havana Remix (Bass Boosted)
Charlotte Lawrence - Joke's On You (Bass Boosted)
Moistrus & Benni Hunnit - Highest In The Room (Travis Scott Cover) (Bass Boosted)
Joker BGM Song (8D Bass Boosted)
Mike L & Mike Emilio - Bounce United (Spinus Remix)
Brandon Beal - Twerk It Like Miley (Bass Boosted)
Dwin & Kush Kush - Tokyo (Bass Boosted)
Mihaita Piticu - Ploua (XZEEZ Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Grandson - Blood Water (Bass Boosted)

Most of them are bass boosted. I hope you like it.

edit: fixing some links

Last edited by serf on 13 May 2022 at 6:22 pm UTC
kido22 25 May
i like listening to music when i drive - i feel like king of the road - music makes me happy and gives me confidence.
ridge 27 May
Depends on the game of course, but I often play my own music when playing racing games. I grew up with them, and the first games I ever played were Ridge Racer and WipEout. Finding out I could play my own music in Ridge Racer by simply swapping the CD was insane
Ridge Racer, but with Chemical Brothers' "Come With Us"!

Speaking of WipEout, Simon Shackleton (Elite Force) contributed some killer tunes to the series and I've always been a big fan of playing his music over racing games. He recently released a remaster album featuring tracks he contributed to racing games, it's absolutely stellar. Check out "Music for Racers":

Aside from "Krushyn" in that album which is from WipEout Fusion, he also remastered his track "Cross the Line" from WipEout Pure a year ago:

Yeah, I might be a bit of a WipEout addict. Thanks to that series I'm also super fond of driving to Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers, Fluke and Orbital. Shoutouts to The Crystal Method as well!
Admittedly, my favourite racing games are console only; aforementioned WipEout and Ridge Racer, Motorstorm, Split/Second, Burnout (pre-Paradise 😉) etc.
Have been playing quite a bit of TrackMania 2 on my PC tho, works a charm under the Lutris team's Wine build!

BTW, Simon's remix of Sad But True by Metallica. You're welcome:

Last edited by ridge on 27 May 2022 at 6:34 pm UTC
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