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Good reliable mouse?
Guppy 10 May
So it happened again - Logitech crap mouse switches let me down, this time it's right click that will randomly spam click when held ( and thus clicking a item in the rightclick menu ).

Can anyone recommend a good mouse they have been able to use for a couple of years without issue? ( not the mx2 or G502 hero :P )
Pengling 10 May
I'm not sure if a trackball would fit the bill here, but just in case, I've been using a Kensington Orbit 64327EU for the last couple of years (I got it to replace a failed Logitech Marble Mouse) and it seems to be holding up very well.
TimeFreeze 10 May
I had a Razer Deathadder an older version i think 2013? And its still working just fine. Currently i'm having a Glorious Model O and i have used it now for 1-2 years. Can recommend both mouses.
dvd 10 May
My Logitech B100 is now 3 years old, no issue so far. But before that i had a lot of crapmice too, where the switches failed after 0-2 months.
whizse 10 May
Do check the warranty. The last time my switches crapped out Logitech sent a replacement pretty much straightaway. No questions asked, and not wanting the old one back.
Sigbjorn 11 May
Quoting: GuestI've used the MX series from Logitech and they've held up nicely. I did have a single switch go, but replacing the switch itself was a pretty simple task, an awful lot cheaper than buying a brand new mouse, and reduces waste. That's assuming you have access to a soldering iron.
For those who can't get their hands on a soldering iron, it is still possible to open the microswitch and change the faulty spring. It requires some dexterity and good eyes but it's not very hard. Here is a link to instructions on how to do it:

They explain how to bend the spring back to shape, but I would recommend changing it, since bending it won't last very long. Depending on the model though, opening the mouse and accessing the microswitch can be tricky.
Guppy 11 May
Quoting: whizseDo check the warranty. The last time my switches crapped out Logitech sent a replacement pretty much straightaway. No questions asked, and not wanting the old one back.

I was about to RMA it, but sadly the warranty lapsed 4 months ago

I'll properly try to repair it - It just annoys me endlessly that logitech has fallen so far, I bought their first cordless optical mouse and the only reason I replace it was that I had started to wear though the plastic.
Since the I've gone though a host of mx.2 mice, razor(s) and now the Hero G502 :|

Guess it's just planned obsolescence
g000h 12 May
Could the breakage issue be related to how you use the devices. I've got multiple Logitech Mice - G305 (gaming), M185, M510 - and they're all working absolutely fine after multiple years of use. Then again, I'm not bashing them around and not exerting lots of hand pressure to the buttons.

Maybe look for a mouse which is designed to be abused. Also, using a fabric mouse-mat is a good idea, as the mouse could get "sanded-down" while used directly on a wooden table-top.

For the last 3 or so years, I've used a SteelSeries QCK mouse-pad and happy with it.
HerrLange 28 May
I could recommend zowie mices:
As there is no "driver" required/available under windows and no RGB they work well with Linux. They also seem to be durable. At least mine works well quite some time.

Besides this my daughter is using a corsair mouse - an m55 works well and also no issues so far. Except that there is RGB onboard you can't control easily/out of the box.
I also own a Corsair M65 something mouse. Works and no issues.

Before I had a Roccat Kone Pure. But this i have sorted out because the mouse wheel was to noisy. This was as designed. There were no technical issues but after 2 years or so I really got annoyed by the wheel sound.

Bottom line I could recommend Zowie, Corsair and Roccat. (I would also recommend logitech) Other brands I have not tried out at least not in the past 5-8 years.

Last edited by HerrLange on 28 May 2022 at 11:13 pm UTC
AngryAnt 29 May
I had a switch crap out the same way on an MX Vertical after three years of daily use. Did not have the time to stop what I was doing and fix it, but also didn't find an acceptable replacement, so I basically just bought another MX Vertical.

Excellent link on that switch fix - definitely saved for later! I've kept the mouse with the dodgy switch around in the hopes I could fix it at some point :)

Anyway, summary is I still prefer the MX Vertical and three years of daily use before showing an issue doesn't seem entirely unreasonable to me. In a perfect world I could find a mouse just like it, but with that nicer step-less & heavy scroll wheel, but on balance that has lower priority for me than the other factors.
pete910 6 Jun
I had a roccat kone XTD for 4+ years with no issue changed it at Xmas for a g502h which seems to be fine but time will tell.
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