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Weekend Players' Club 3/24/23
G'Day everyone……. Its your interim host here once again…….. Its a sunny Saturday here right now…….…… Been a busy week…… did some yard work and trained Natasha for a bit……. Kept up with my walking and been working as always……. Not much else to report…… The weather has been quite nice….. Low to mid 20s…… And always ive been annoying my fiend…..


As for gaming this week in Emulationville I played…….


1943: The Battle of Midway (1987 Capcom) - Shoot 'em up - Vertical
Shinobi (1987 Sega) – Platformer


Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (1991 Sega) - Sega Master System - Platformer
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (2003 Tecmo) - Microsoft Xbox - Sports (Beach Volleyball)
Gran Turismo 4 (2004 Sony) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Racing)
Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010 Nintendo) - Nintendo Wii - Platformer
NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona (2002 Infogrames) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Racing)
NCAA Football 11 (2010 EA Sports) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Football)
NHL 07 (2006 EA Sports) - Microsoft Xbox - Sports (Hockey)
TMNT (2007 Ubisoft) - Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Beat 'em up


NASCAR Heat 5 (2020 Motorsport Games) - Steam - Sports (Racing)

NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona - Dick Trickle Career: Part 7

Hi im Murray Eastlake and im going to be bringing you all the action from the 2002 Weekly Dirt Racing Series: Round 7 of 10 here at Hastings Motorsports Park……..

Hasting Motorsports Park is a small high banked dirt track….. The Bristol of the Dirt….. Horsepower is not as important here……. Getting the car to turn in and carry corner speed is just as important if you want to have good lap times here…..

This season has been the most competitive I have ever seen…….. 6 races down….. 6 different winners….. With 4 races left the championship is so WIIIIIIDE open even Dick couldnt touch the sides…….

Dont touch the sets…… Dont touch the dials…… You wont want to miss a single moment of the 2002 Weekly Dirt Racing Series action…….

Hastings Motorsports Park……...

Dick Trickle at the track ready to race…….

Dick Trickle was happy to be back at a short track……. After the disappointment of the last few horsepower tracks he was excited to see how the car would go here…….

The car felt fast in practise and he was confident he had a top 5 car……. Dick spent a lot of time in practise working on the cars setup trying to make it turn as best as he could……. And Trickle felt like he had it dialled in…...

He started qualifying and was proven right as he qualified in 5th place…… Less than 1 second off the pole time……… While the car is down in straight line speed….. Dick has it set up to corner superbly……. Which has helped make great lap times….

So Dick Trickle will be starting 3rd in Heat 1…...

Qualifying Results……..

The 5 lap Heat 1 race was very boring for Dick as no one wanted to play with him…….. He started in 3rd and finished in 3rd as he was able to pass Erik Truit going into turn 1 but was then passed by the hard charging Joe Fazioli who started 7th and finished 2nd……. Besides that nothing of note happened……

So Dick will be in the A Main starting 5th…….

Heat 1 Results…….

Dick Trickle lined up ready to start the A Main…...

Chaos ensued at the start of the 50 lap A Main race with a crash that took out several of the top runners…… As the green flagged dropped Dick got a great start and thrust himself way up the inside of Joe Fazioli…… But Erik Truet got an even better start was rubbing up against Dick….. And with Ted Finger on the far outside that made them 4 wide going into turn 1……… And thats when disaster truck…… Dick had nowhere to go as he got squeezed hard between Fazioli and Truet……

Fazioli and Truet both got turned sideways as they rubbed on Dicks hard bodywork…… Causing them to crash into each other….. Forcing them both up high and into Ted Finger who had to run wide off onto the grass to avoid spinning himself……

Truet and Fazioli then came back down the track in front of the remaining pack causing mayhem as drivers took avoiding action……. Thankfully Truet and Fazioli mostly just hit each other……. As the other drivers did a fantastic job in avoiding them……

Fazioli came off the worst….. Losing a lap and with a damage car he was well out of the running…… Truet soldered on with a damaged car but was not in the hunt for a win either…..

Dick Trickle came off the best……. With very little damage and sitting in 3rd place……. He lost some momentum during the crash but was able to keep going and get back to full speed……

Jeff Fulton took advantage and passed the slower Dick into turn 3….. Once Dick had regathered his composure and momentum he was back on Fultons bumper and in no time at all was up the inside and back into 3rd place……

And that was all the excitement Dick wanted and thankfully that was all he got in the A Main race……. The rest of the race was very boring for Dick…… A lot of cars suffered enough damage to take them out of contention…… And with Matthew Kato and Al Grimstead so much faster…... Dick was cemented in 3rd place for the final 48 laps…….

Josh Ginter tried to mount a comeback but was not able to get through the lapped traffic well enough and was never closer than 2.5 seconds behind Dick…….

After the race Dick Trickle told me about the 1st lap chaos from his point of view….. “What a wild start…… Fazioli and Truet were squeezing me head so I let off the gas slightly to save the car and thats when the rear fenders of both Fazioli and Truet hit the front fenders of my car and they both turned sideways in front of me…….. Then they both disappeared up the race track…...”

Continuing….. “All hell broke loose as cars were all over the place behind me…… Thankfully I suffered minimal damage and was able to get a solid 3rd place in the race…… Someone needs to tell these clowns that you cant win a 50 lap race on the first turn…..”

Matthew Kato won the race….. Becoming the 7th different winner this season in 7 races…… Dick Trickle still sits in 3rd place in the championship…… The top 5 drivers all have a good chance of winning the championship…..

Next race we go to the track where Dick Trickle got his first career win earlier in the season……. Kingsfield Raceway…… Can Dick spray the spectators again and repeat the win there in Round 3……. Or can we some how get an 8th different winner this season???

With just 3 races left the championship fight is getting more and more intense…… Tune in next week so you dont miss a moment of the 2002 Weekly Dirt Racing Series…..

This is Murray Eastlake reporting……. And until next week its goodbye from me….

A Main Results……


NASCAR Heat Weekly……

2002 Weekly Dirt Racing Series Championship Standings after round 7 of 10……
Dick Trickle is still 3rd in the standings…..

The next race is at Kingsfield Raceway…….

The 1st lap A Main crash……...

NCAA Football 11 Steve Austin Road to Glory

This week the undefeated Boise State Broncos (13-0) are at home against the (10-2) University of Texas Longhorns in the Sugar Bowl…...

Steve Austins rushing stats for the season…….

Lee Corso picking Boise State Broncos to beat the University of Texas Longhorns……..

The Broncos travelled to the Louisiana Superdome for the Sugar Bowl……. After winning the toss Boise State elected to receive the ball first…..

Steve Austin didnt waste any time stamping his authority on the game as he smashed his way through the Longhorns line and sprinted away for a 75 yard touchdown to open the account for the Broncos….

Boise States defence was not going to let out either……. Getting an interception to end the Longhorns first drive….. Allowing Austin to show his skills again as he bullied is way into the endzone off the back of some great blocking from the Boise State line…..

From then on it was all the Broncos as the defence caught 3 more interceptions and recovered another 2 fumbles to leave the Longhorns offence is shambles as give Steve Austin great field position to rack up the score……

And the Boise State Broncos had a commanding 54-0 lead at half time…...

The best drive of the day from the Longhorns came deep in the 3rd quarter but that only resulted in a field goal and they never got close to scoring again……

Austin topped it off with a 69 (nice) yard touchdown in the dying seconds of the game to seal the fate for the Longhorns and give the Broncos the Sugar Bowl with a dominating 96-3 win….. The largest in Sugar Bowl history…….

Steve Austins rushing stats against the Longhorns

Sugar Bowl trophy

NCAA Offensive and Defensive Players Of The Week…….

Campus Gazette issue 21 and 22…...

And that ends the 2010 NCAA Football season…… This career mode is now on a off season break until the real NCAA Football starts in September…… I will leave you all with some nice Boise State Cheerleader action from the Sugar Bowl..…

Boise State Cheerleaders in action…….

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball


10/10 would definitely play again!!!……

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball…..

This Week

This week I will continue to train Natasha and will be working more in the yard…… Will also be walking around town and annoying the towns folk…… And as always I will be annoying my fiend…..

As for gaming there will be more hardcore Dick Trickle action in NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona……. No Steve Austin as he is on end of season break and wont be back until September…….. NO MORE TURTLES GAMES!!!!!!!…….. So hopefully I will be playing more arcade games…….. There is still 1 last Kirby game to play…… And since I dont want my house blown up by Pengling I will also play the Game Gear version of Castle of Illusion……

Well thats it from me…… Have a good week everyone……

Now for my bad joke of the week……
Just bought some condoms and the cashier asked if I needed a bag..... I said no....... Shes not that ugly........
*ba dum.... tssssh…...*
Pengling Mar 25

Six weeks on from where I began, and now six weeks closer to the upcoming Super Bomberman R 2, this week I'm playing Super Bomberman R (Proton), the sixth game in the Super Bomberman series, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary!

Initially exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for one year, Super Bomberman R was the game that revived the entire Bomberman franchise after a long hiatus. The series is smaller than it once was, but is now steadily clawing its way back up, with this game proving to be a solid and consistent seller.

Unfortunately, the PC version was ported from the Switch in what I can only describe as a weird way that puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the system (if you're a fan of portables like I am, this is a surefire way to make a laptop sound like a jet-engine), and it's EXTREMELY unstable (and apparently it lags a lot if your window-manager is using a compositor, though I disable this as a matter of course anyway specifically to avoid issues like this) - though I'm told that it's no better if you're running it on Windows, so this isn't a Proton thing*. A (presumably rewritten) stable version of the engine was used for the short-lived free-to-play side-game Super Bomberman R Online, and it appears that this is what's being used for the upcoming sequel - and that one is rock-solid, thankfully, as my ungodly amount of hours spent with SBRO can tell you.

*That said, the issues with calling the cutscenes may be a Proton thing, though I have no way of knowing that for sure (the game's most frequent crashes come from this, and it seems that this is guaranteed to happen every time if you have the graphics settings on anything but the lowest) - hopefully they'll fix that for the upcoming Super Bomberman R 2. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the game aiming for Steam Deck Verified, here.

Anyway, the game itself is great fun, and also has some very charming fully-voiced cutscenes that provide a level of characterisation not seen in the series up until this point (it's not that it was lacking before, it's just much more cohesive here - and very well-cast, to boot), which are peppered throughout a rock-solid Bomberman experience that, in spite of being a comeback after a long absence, still adds a few new things of its own to the mix. It was unfairly maligned at launch for the single-player content being what some people would consider to be a bit brief, but that's always been the norm for this series - you play the story-mode to organically learn the ropes, and you stay for the multi-player offering. Speaking of which, that's as good as ever here, and more hilarious than ever as a result of the amusing voice-clips and character-specific animations, and the comical way that downed opponents fly off-screen after being caught in an explosion - it's pitch-perfect.

Super Bomberman R sees our hard-working hero Bomberman (usually referred to by his nickname "White", here, since his siblings are all named for their signature colours and thus call him by his too) and his somewhat-eccentric brothers and sisters living as a combined family-unit and hero-team, with the story playing out as a series of character-specific vignettes bookending each world, with plenty of fun moments and even a twist relating to a minor villain from earlier installments ultimately being revealed to be a long-lost relative of the group! If you grew up with stuff like the 1980s/1990s iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the likes of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, you probably know what to expect here, and it's done well - in fact, one of the official meanings of the "R" in Super Bomberman R is actually "Rangers", in reference to exactly this sort of thing (if memory serves, others included "Revival" and "Return", not surprisingly).

The gameplay is a revival of the best bits of the Bomberman series as a whole, plus new additions like rescue-missions and survival stages, put under the Super Bomberman banner both due to that sub-series easily being the most famous, and due to this game having been created as a result of Nintendo approaching Konami about getting Bomberman on the Switch for its launch in early 2017 specifically as a callback to that. It was, and remains, a welcome return to form, even if the stability of this PC port could have been handled a whole lot better than it was.

If you've read this far, you can probably tell that I've got a lot of love for this particular entry. However, I would caution against purchasing the PC port - unless you're an absolute die-hard like I am, who already got to experience it on the Nintendo Switch before leaving consoles behind, the instability absolutely ruins the experience. That said, if you do have one of the consoles that it's available for, I would wholeheartedly recommend it!

And that's the end of my six-week-long Super Bomberman mini-marathon! Super Bomberman R 2 will be out for the series' 40th anniversary this year, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Now, all of that played through, there's no pinball update this week because of, well, more Bomberman. My collection of merchandise and memorabilia saw a significant expansion this week after a box arrived from a proxy-service that I use to purchase goods from Japan, and I've been busy cataloguing the new arrivals.

... And making up some model-kits, as well.

Last edited by Pengling on 25 March 2023 at 8:05 am UTC
Quoting: PenglingInitially exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for one year, Super Bomberman R was the game that revived the entire Bomberman franchise after a long hiatus.
Not long enough.... I kid.... I kid....

Quoting: PenglingNow, all of that played through, there's no pinball update this week because of, well, more Bomberman.
Imagine my shock....

Quoting: PenglingMy collection of merchandise and memorabilia saw a significant expansion this week after a box arrived from a proxy-service that I use to purchase goods from Japan, and I've been busy cataloguing the new arrivals.

Pengling cataloguing her Bomberman collection......
Man I meant to post but got side tracked...

So my wife and I got back into PSP emulation.

We are currently playing:

* Army of Two: The 40th Day
* Killzone: Liberation
* Guilty Gear Judgement

So far these are hits.

I've been playing

* God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)
* Void Scrappers (GOG)

I've feeling this God of War...the others I tried don't hold up for me.
Quoting: Arcadius-8606So my wife and I got back into PSP emulation.
I never got into PSP games........ It is a gaming selection I should look more into.......
Any recommendations of really good PSP games I should look into????
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderAny recommendations of really good PSP games I should look into????

Tekken Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 are my top pick for fighters on PSP. SP wise The God of War series seems to be highly praised.
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