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***NEW*** Weekend Players' Club 9/22/2023
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Pengling Sep 29
Quoting: whizseThere seems to be so much disappointment followed by negativity and bitterness surrounding new releases these days I'm so happy to hear it lived up to your expectations!
Thanks very much, man!

Alas, the fandom is being hugely negative and toxic about it - they complained that Super Bomberman R was too much like the SNES games and "too short" and they demanded something longer and more experimental like the Nintendo 64 titles, and now that they've gotten that in Super Bomberman R 2 they hate that too! And it's a pity, because it genuinely is a great game in an under-served genre, and in a series that's still clawing its way back up from a disaster-induced hiatus long ago.

Some of them seem to be demanding an unholy combination of Bomberman Act: Zero and Bombergirl with predatory pay-to-win mechanics and the voice of Buster Bunny being crass - it's downright bizarre.

But that's why I chose to join you guys at GOL, instead.
Grogan Sep 29
Quoting: whizseI guess it's been overused to the point of exhaustion, much like Also sprach Zarathustra. A pity since it is a great piece of music and used splendidly in the original movie. I really enjoyed the works of Vangelis, so sad he passed away last year.

Well, I don't actually hate Chariots THAT much, it was mostly just acting. Yes though, because it has been overused (sometimes like elevator music, for placation) and could make for a maddening ear worm :-)

and Yes, Vangelis is an awesome composer. I'm sorry to hear he died.

It is detrimental to the music to have it cheapened, by being licensed for advertising, campaigning or anything else that's going to annoy people and associate the music with it. You can't even blame Kubrick, his use was artistic, complementary even. Other people cheapened it from that.


As for racing games, there's nothing like that for winding up my nervous system if I have to try hard etc. I have to avoid gaming stress. I don't like a lot of challenge in gaming, but Dakar 18 has a little. I can win, IF, I don't do something that messes me up. Completing the race itself is the challenge lol

We all like games for different reasons.
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