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Cities: Skylines is pretty much the gold standard of city building on any platforms and it has some good expansions too. One of which, Cities: Skylines - Parklife, can be picked up free.

It's one of the bigger DLCs available for Cities: Skylines and it's proven to be quite popular with players too. With it you can build new amusement parks, nature reserves, city parks and zoos, and giving new life to your empty land with custom parks and gardens.

Paradox announced that from now until April 26, anyone who signs up for their newsletter that already owns the base game will be eligible. However, it's only currently for Steam and you need a Paradox account.

How to claim:

  • Create a Paradox Account (
  • In the Settings tab, sign up for Paradox newsletter.
  • Verify your email (remember to check your spam and promotion folders on your mailbox).
  • Back on your Paradox account Settings, sign up for Cities: Skylines newsletter.
  • Link your Paradox and Steam accounts on the Settings tab.
  • Set your Steam account to “Public” so our team can confirm you own the base game. You can reset your Steam profile to private after you’ve received the giveaway.
  • Wait up to 36 hours for DLC to appear in your Steam library.

Already done that before? You're good to go.

If you want more info they setup an FAQ here.

For other Paradox news, don't miss out on building up your DLC collection in the current Humble Store bundle building promotion.

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The_Aquabat 21 Apr, 2020
I already had all that stuff set up. Guess I'll have to wait 36 hours then.
christooss 21 Apr, 2020
For people that already have this setup as required here is a C/P from FAQ:

QuoteI was already registered for the newsletter, linked my Steam and Paradox accounts, and set my Steam profile to public. Can I still get the DLC for free?
Yes, as long as your account fits the requirement of the offer between April 21st and April 26th, you will get the DLC for free.
tuubi 21 Apr, 2020
I already had my account set up (must have been quite a while as I don't even remember setting up that account) and Steam account linked (public profile), but I only see Stellaris in my games list on the Paradox account. I do own Cities: Skylines on Steam, and Battletech as well. I wonder if there's a problem?
raneon 21 Apr, 2020
Why another account :-( I will skip this then... and I don't like these additional launchers anyway.
tuubi 21 Apr, 2020
Quoting: raneonWhy another account :-( I will skip this then... and I don't like these additional launchers anyway.
This one is just for the website. The DLC will be added to your Steam account.
CatKiller 21 Apr, 2020
Oh, that's interesting. I already own the game and some of the DLCs and...
Quoteanyone who signs up for their newsletter
No. Just no.
cbones 21 Apr, 2020
Quoting: tuubi... I only see Stellaris in my games list on the Paradox account. I do own Cities: Skylines on Steam ... I wonder if there's a problem?

Same here, I own at least 4 of their games and only see Stellaris listed.
Kyrottimus 21 Apr, 2020
It's not really free if you have to do a bunch of digital gymnastics, is it?

That's like saying "I'll give you $20 for free* for every hour you perform this task for me."

It's like work, only instead of getting paid, you're getting...a...DLC? I would honestly rather just buy it, but since I'm not that interested in the first place, I won't bother jumping through all those hoops for something I'll probably never use anyway.

I get it, it'll appeal to some people. And good, they should take advantage of this. But I've always been leery of linking my Steam account with others. Call me paranoid; 99.8% of the time it probably is.
Mohandevir 21 Apr, 2020
Quoting: Kyrottimus... I've always been leery of linking my Steam account with others. Call me paranoid; 99.8% of the time it probably is.

I totally get your point, I feel the same, but for Paradox, I can make an exception.

This said, it seems there is a problem somewhere in the email process... Can't get the SteamGuard pin email, when I try to connect to my account. It seems it's getting lost somewhere and my email is not the issue, I tested it. Guess I'll try later.

Last edited by Mohandevir on 21 April 2020 at 3:52 pm UTC
Kithop 21 Apr, 2020
I mean, I'm okay with this, in principle.

'Please sign up for our newsletter about the game you bought from us, and we'll give you a bit of free DLC for said game.'

It's a marketing thing because they want more eyeballs on their newsletter, and the DLC is the carrot. Hey, you already bought the game and maybe some other DLC for it, right? So it's at least potentially mildly interesting to hear what they're presumably wanting to get a bunch of people on said newsletter for (e.g. announcing new DLC, or Cities: Skylines 2, or whatever).

Humble does the same thing all the time with their game giveaways; you have to be subscribed to their newsletter.

Also nothing stopping you from unsubscribing right after you get your freebie (but of course, they hope you forget to). But it's definitely not a 'free thing out of the goodness of their hearts' campaign, that's for sure. ;)
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