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Last updated: 10th November, 2022.

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You can contact us any time using this email: [email protected]. This goes direct to the owner, Liam Dawe. Please do get in touch if you're concerned with anything, or if you feel we need to update this page.

We also suggest you read our Ethics policy, which also contains information on our affiliate programs.

Your privacy is extremely important to us, so please read this and be aware of it. We firmly believe that user privacy and data protection are human rights. We find the amount of data collected by some big websites as crazy as you do!

We will never sell or share any personal information collected first-hand to third parties. We do not have any external adverts that track you either. We will also never buy any information to include in our database (you will never find your email in our Mailing List for example, unless you specifically opt-in).

Our use of Cookies

Head to our dedicated Cookie Policy page for information on how we use cookies.

What data we store and where

Data Location

What we store and how we use it

Our website server automatically collects and stores information in its server log files that your browser transmits to us. These are:

These log files are regularly deleted every month, this is also to prevent and deal with abuse and is essential to keep the website working.

Cloudflare Analytics

We use the privacy respecting Cloudflare Analytics. It does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. It also does not "fingerprint" individuals via their IP address, User Agent string, or any other data for the purpose of displaying analytics.

Mailing List

Our daily article mailing list is strictly opt-in. We store your email address and the date you requested to be added to it. If you do not activate your subscription, we remove you from the database after 7 days. The daily email includes a very simple unsubscribe link.

Acceptance of this policy

Continued use of our site signifies your acceptance of this policy. If you do not accept the policy then please do not use this site. When registering we will further request your explicit acceptance of the privacy policy.


For additional privacy, we always recommend seeking out extra privacy plugins for your browser! Look out for Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and uBlock Origin. They exist for a reason.

We also recommend DuckDuckGo for your search engine (instead of Google), as they don't track you. They also have handy "bangs" to search website directly, like ours! Simply enter "!gol" followed by your search term to search our site from DDG.

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