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Latest Comments by liamdawe
Civilization V Looks Rather Close To A Linux Version
19 May 2014 at 7:31 pm UTC

wleoncioSo as far as one could tell from SteamDB is Civ V as likely to come to Linux as XCOM: EU?

Not sure, it's all speculation of course until someone confirms it.

Contagion, The FPS Co-op Zombie Survival Game Linux Version Likely Soon
19 May 2014 at 2:30 pm UTC

Indeed, try not to get too excited it may only be an updated roadmap for Linux.

Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 5:59 pm UTC

under cover agentThis news seems to be a filthy lie. My best guess would be that this piece of news was engineered to push MIT/BSD like license, which are, as a matter of facts, a real danger for open source software.
Yes, that's it exactly *puts hands up*. I hate the GPL and want to push the MIT license to everyone and GOL is my foothold on the internet to do that.

Sarcasm aside, you are spreading complete FUD. I have my own personal preference for licensing as does everyone.

I actually state in the article:
liamdaweThe LGPL isn't a bad license
I haven't told anyone not to use it, nor have I spoken bad about the license itself.

This article was "engineered" directly from the source (the PZ forums) where the person was making their claims, they are not my claims they are theirs.

Also, the comments on this article are now closed before more idiots come along to spread more FUD. If you have a problem with this feel free to register an account and post in the forum.

Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 4:38 pm UTC

@lane_support you don't get the point of my article at all.

Like I said in it:
QuoteYes sticking to licenses is very important, but attacking a developer and threatening them before they get a chance to explain is downright horrible.

That's the point. So, you think it's okay for random people to threaten developers over accidents? Then you are part of the problem. It's a code license and not a contract to be threatened with as pointed out by the Link Hamish provided.

Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 3:53 pm UTC

HamishIt should also be pointed out that the license in question is the LGPL, not the GPL itself as is claimed by the article, which is more in line although not the same as the MIT license which is Liam's preference in this instance.
Ah damn I went to a really old site of EasyWay Game Engine that listed GPL not LGPL. Ah well, the point is the same.

Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 3:48 pm UTC Likes: 2

MetallinatusI saw the first page of the linked thread and I saw nothing wrong actually.
The guy just demanded the source codes he have the rights to see, he was polite and all, did nothing wrong at all....
Then I saw the other pages and DAMN!... Hell did brake loose in there....
So, the guy is right to ask for the licenses to be respected and all and the devs were "wrong" by not be respecting it.... but this guy sureeeeeeeeeely went over the limit....
None of them was right after all, but everything could just have gone much more pacific than it was.

There's asking for a license to be respected.

Then there's threatening a developer with the FSF, Steam and threatening to release their source code. Before they can explain it.

This is all noted in my article...

Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 3:46 pm UTC

lemmy101To clarify: This supposed engine that we used, Easy Way, was added to the project and removed within a day or two. It was of no use to us. Somehow was left and was not used whatsoever. In what way did this engine 'help the devs to develop the game in the first place'?

I'm guessing people have different definitions of something that's "unused".


Defender Of The GNU/LGPL Threatens Project Zomboid
18 May 2014 at 3:45 pm UTC Likes: 1

lanesupportThe Engine helped the devs to develop the game in first place and all what was asked back was to reference it's use and give access to possible modifications to the engines source code (not the game build with it!).

That's essentially what the LGPL (we're not speaking of the GPL here!) is asking for and is pretty much the same for the MIT license, as far as i recall it.

The devs of ZS seem to have violated it and got the chance to reply to this issue on the linked forums.

Imo it really not right to blame the messenger.

As stated it wasn't used, they used a completely different library after a brief test with the "offending" code. Since when did testing with a library equal having to mention it everywhere and open up your code if you didn't use it in the end?

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