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Latest Comments by Lin_Soldar
It's time to bug Feral Interactive about future port requests once again
29 January 2018 at 7:18 pm UTC Likes: 1

Titles I'd like to see :
Any of the Lego titles/series
Hopefully a port from any of the TellTale Games like Minecraft:Story Mode, Tales from The Borderlands or The Walking Dead

Pretty much a repeat of other users' wishes here too I agree with and like to see.

Humble Monthly adds Owlboy as an early unlock, Amnesia Collection free on Humble Store
27 January 2018 at 3:17 pm UTC Likes: 1

That is a pretty awesome deal!

Was wondering if there is some place here on the site where we could post humble gift links for games we may have extra copies of?

The Steam Hardware Survey for December 2017 shows a reasonable increase for Linux
11 January 2018 at 11:39 am UTC

Just a thought to increase Linux market-share...

If the big boys supplying pre-installed and custom built PC's and Laptops such as the likes of System 76 were to get in touch with some of the Developers to bundle a key or 2 for popular Linux game titles and have Steam, ItchIO etc pre-installed with the system.

There was a time here locally where I reside that ZorinOS was pre-installed on some hardware of a local PC supplier, unfortunatley never really took off because those very same customers would then purchase MS Office and couldn't get it installed.

Find it strange that people will buy into the latest smart-phones and it never seems to be a hurdle to get their biggest needs sorted ie WhatsApp etc. People seem to want to adapt to the latest smart-phones to show their one-up-man ship it would seem but yet put them infront of a Desktop to use and change the look and they get this dumb look on their face and say right out they can't use it??? In my experience changing friends and family over to using Linux is easy when they're very young or rather old in excess of 40 years. A few minutes showing them around to do their e-mail and search the net and use Libre Office for their simple office needs is generally all good. The youngsters are another story once they figure their mates are playing PUBG for example. On the whole most will say "Wow, what you using there?" until they hear Linux and all of a sudden you become alienated.

It's rather sad that here locally that particular supplier never actually trained their staff properly so that they could give good and sound advise to their customers, their systems were very well priced against the other players with M$ Win pre-installed. Obviously don't go sell a customer MS Office when they've just purchased a Linux powered machine from you?

Anyway, would be nice to see the likes of System 76 doing something as suggested with bundled Steam keys etc, with their high end workstations they could tailor their Pop OS! for specialized CAD use etc...

The next thing is for the big names like Red-Hat, Open Suse and Canonical to target big businesses the likes of banks, insurance companies etc to migrate over to Linux. Once you have more people exposed to using it in the workplace, I think the easier for them to adopt it at home. For example, I know so many people that use MS Office, Outlook and Adobe Reader at work that they don't even want to use the open source alternatives on M$ Win at home... yet they'll quiet happily use Google Chrome and stay signed in for their web based email??? Sheeple for ya - right?

F1 2017 released for Linux as Feral Interactive’s first Vulkan-only title, here’s a port report
29 November 2017 at 4:12 am UTC Likes: 2

Bought this to support Feral and their excellent porting efforts.

Did not expect much due to my aging hardware and not being within specs but damn it plays well and smooth albeit on low settings!

Also did not expect there to be so much management in the game so not an arcade like experience at all, which is welcome to learn about the sport.

Feral's Vulkan implementation has improved the playability for ported high end titles by leaps and bounds IMHO, so would be nice if they could give their other titles some Vulkan treatment ie Deus Ex, Hitman and SOM and would go far to say am willing to pledge a little extra towards those existing titles already in my library. The Vulkan treatment to their ports like Mad Max and F1 2017 has surely helped performance on aging hardware and given my older hardware a renewed lease of life for which I am grateful as had invested dearly into my aging rig at the time with the hopes of getting a good 10+ years run.

I very much realize I seriously need a hardware upgrade to experience those titles at their best but the political situation where I reside means our currency devalues against the US$ faster than I can blink my eye.

Thanks Feral, you guys Rock!

Oxygen Not Included from Klei Entertainment is now officially available on Linux
28 November 2017 at 10:20 pm UTC

Was fortunate to have received a copy as a gift and can now finally install it and give it a go If the friend that bought it for you is a Windows user, how would that translate into which OS the software gets registered to? Been sitting in my library for nearly a month but will only play it through native Linux, so guess my key would register as Linux user?

Looking forward to this

Unreal Tournament updated again, Epic have made it slightly easier to download on Linux
4 October 2017 at 1:16 pm UTC

Thanks for your feedback ison111, will create an account and see what happens. Did try using wget too and it too hung approximately halfway through. I do admit that I don't have the best nor fastest of internet connections being in a 3rd world country. Will let you know by end of weekend if creating an account and being logged in helps.

Much thanks.

The latest Steam Hardware Survey shows Linux market-share has declined again
3 October 2017 at 3:42 pm UTC

I've done my little part by converting some users over to Linux, mostly friends and family as I'm sure the majority here at GOL have done. I can say that it's far far easier to convert someone over to Linux and sign them up to Steam who's never used Steam but consoles before vs hardcore gamers. The hardcore gamers want their AAA titles and basically keep their machines well oiled and updated frequently so not an issue for them when Windows 10 does it's sudden update thing I've witnessed with friends' PC's.

Another thing we desperately need is professional software the likes of AutoCAD and such, especially with Vulkan finally here! There are also many users that have to use those programs and software for their professions. Having Linux on POS terminals and ATM's would save the big corps many $ and keep their hardware investment secure. Big name accounting and DTP software running natively on Linux would make huge changes to the number of users running Linux.

The few users I've managed to convert are not hobbyists so the only thing important for them is to get onto the net, stream some movies, check email and their other social network crap - really hard getting them to switch to Telegram for instance on their mobiles.

Linux has definitely improved by leaps and bounds and I for one don't think it's momentum will slow just yet Linux is Awesome! So if like me and can't contribute with code for example, try show you care with your wallet however little you can to show your appreciation.

Crazy Justice, a cel-shaded third-person shooter will have Linux support
3 October 2017 at 2:55 pm UTC Likes: 1

This looks great and promising of a lot of fun. Eager to try it on Steam early access.

Unreal Tournament updated again, Epic have made it slightly easier to download on Linux
3 October 2017 at 2:50 pm UTC


I've tried now for months on end to download this via the forum link via different browsers and addons like downemall for Firefox without success. Is there perhaps a legit torrent or ftp site that I can download this from and give it a try? I guess the more users there are participating using Linux the better

Would be alot easier if they put up a Linux installer too, and whilst they're about it give their other good looking games like Fortnite and Paragon some Linux love.

Linux desktop market share has hit another all time high above 3%, according to netmarketshare
1 September 2017 at 3:47 pm UTC Likes: 5

Welcome Power-Metal-Games,

Hope you find much joy in being a Linux user and manage to convert a few friends and family too

Unfortunately being human means never being satisfied and if one looks closely at anything will always find imperfections, maybe I speak for myself?

Anyways, it's spring day where I reside and Friday too! Make sure to watch the inevitable livestream later with Samsai ) & Long Live Metal!!!

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