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The perils of crowdfunding for Linux games: Eco edition
16 June 2019 at 4:04 pm UTC Likes: 1

tonyrhThey are the worst!

At least they had offered refund for bakers when Linux was cancelled. ;)

True that, they had the common courtesy of giving us a reacharound...

The perils of crowdfunding for Linux games: Eco edition
16 June 2019 at 3:43 pm UTC Likes: 5

First time I hear of this game... what about the hugely successful (2+ million copies sold) Kingdom Come: Deliverance instead? The kickstarter page is still up, with the false statement "Planned platforms: PC, Xbox One*, PS4*, Mac, Linux; Release date: Q4, 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux" still there. They are swimming in money after the huge success of their game and yet they refuse to fulfill their promise of a Linux version. They are the worst!

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep to launch on Linux "late summer", no Bard’s Tale Trilogy due to Steam Play
8 June 2019 at 10:03 pm UTC Likes: 2

> Proton is gonna be the end of native ports and companies like Feral. It will also confirm Windows as the only "true" gaming os on personal computers. Really sad.

I posted this on 18 January 2019... you guys took your time to understand what Proton is doing to Linux gaming!

What are you clicking on this weekend? Let us know your current favourites
1 June 2019 at 3:13 pm UTC

Started a CorsixTH campaign yesterday. Also the usual couple of battles in World of Warships and a bit of Skyrim (both via Proton).

Unity have now properly announced Linux support for the Unity Editor
30 May 2019 at 10:27 pm UTC Likes: 2

> increasing demand in the "Film and Automotive, Transportation, and Manufacturing (ATM) industries"

Of course industries don't want to pay MS for hundreds of thousands of Windows licenses anymore: only governments nowadays keep paying the MS tax, thanks to lobbying and straight out corruption of public officials

The dev of "Marble It Up!" had intriguing words to say about the native vs Steam Play argument for a Linux version
30 May 2019 at 10:12 pm UTC Likes: 1

IMHO Steamplay/Proton are great for older titles that will never get native ports (I'm in the middle of a Skyrim run and loving it) but they should not be seen as a replacement for them. I think they are actually pretty "dangerous" in the long run, because they may push away developers from adopting multi-platform practices/tools/engines and strengthen the idea that the only true gaming OS is Windows.

DXVK, the Vulkan-based layer for Direct3D 10/11 in Wine has a major 1.1 release out now (updated)
6 April 2019 at 8:33 pm UTC

alexbrrsclntThat is the PPA that I have been using for ages since I started to use ubuntu. So then, which is the good one?
The normal PPA is usually the one you want, except in the case of the special vulkan beta drivers which used to be on but they stopped updating it.

Sorry for being dumb, but what's "the normal PPA"?

Edit: I'm using this one:

A quick look over ProtonDB reports for Steam Play in March 2019
1 April 2019 at 4:22 pm UTC Likes: 6

I'll take this with a bit of salt, for some reasons people keep giving platinum and gold ratings even when workarounds are required or performance is not equivalent to running under windows. Platinum means "Runs perfectly out of the box" and Gold means "Runs perfectly after tweaks"...

The open source game manager Lutris had another sweet update recently
25 March 2019 at 12:37 pm UTC

Nice, but the huge right panel thing is redundant and ugly :/

A discussion on Native vs DXVK for Linux gaming
5 February 2019 at 7:38 pm UTC

Very detailed and well written article, thank you. But... I just can't see how having a (near) perfect translation layer between DX12 and Vulkan is supposed to bring more developers to adopt Vulkan over DX12, and in the long run start developing games for our OS. I mean, the whole point of Proton, from a developer point of view, is "don't worry about nothing, don't change your practices, keep using what you are using right now (most often DX11/DX12) because Proton will take care of everything". Why should any developer move away from DX12 if they can reach the Linux and MacOS (using MoltenVK I guess) markets with their DX12 games?

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