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Latest Comments by anth
SC Controller, the open source driver and GUI for the Steam Controller is making lovely progress
13 July 2016 at 10:57 am UTC

Quoting: AryvandaarSeems a bit odd that Valve tries to market their steam machine but don't let people in certain countries order the steam controller.
They're still not available to me according to the Steam store, and aren't in shops here, but getting Amazon to ship to New Zealand was no problem.

Razer announces the HDK2 VR headset, will support OSVR and SteamVR
18 June 2016 at 10:48 pm UTC

Quoting: N30NOculus/Facebook are paying them to develop the games.
We've known since January that Valve and HTC are also providing funding to VR developers but do not require exclusivity. From more recent comments it seems that Valve are providing advances to be paid back from Steam sales and HTC are seeking equity.

Offworld Trading Company looks like it may come to Linux
3 April 2016 at 4:05 am UTC

Quoting: Purple Library Guyit seemed like Stardock was a very Windows-centric, DirectX kind of shop
They haven't always been that way

Linux usage on Steam is better than people think
19 March 2016 at 8:45 am UTC

Quoting: SeegrasBuying a game before its available for MacOS X or Linux counts as Windows sale.
No it doesn't. For example The Stanley Parable had Linux sales before it was ported, and other developers have made similar comments.

If that was ported by a different company their contract may only have them paid for sales after the release but that is a separate issue. That won't affect those of us who only play on Linux anyway, as there is no reason to buy a game that we can't use.

GPUOpen has launched, AMD open up more to the community
9 February 2016 at 10:34 am UTC

Quoting: vulturethis one is tied to GCN and features not exposed in APIs
That probably refers to things such as async compute, features of Vulkan/DX12/PS4/Xbox1 which aren't in OpenGL or DX11. That feature at least isn't GCN specific; Nvidia's claimed support hasn't worked so well in practise but their upcoming generation of GPUs may do better,

The Indie Legends 3 Bundle features excellent games, almost all with Linux support
1 February 2016 at 3:03 am UTC

Quoting: Mountain ManChances are good these will count as Windows sales.
In some cases this would be a problem but it won't happen here.

When a game has different publishers for the Windows and Linux versions then only one of them is going to get paid for any given sale, and the store selling that game or bundle might have bought the keys from a publisher that wasn't involved with the platform that the consumer is using. If we check Steam for a game ported by Aspyr or Feral we will see that they are listed as the developer and publisher of the port but other companies are listed for the Windows version. For games ported by them it is important to check the publisher when buying from anywhere other than Steam or their own stores.

In this case though if we check on Steam we see that every game in this bundle only has a single developer and publisher. There is no where else that the keys could have come from so we don't need to worry that the wrong company will get paid.

I'd still buy using a browser running within Linux because I'm sure that Bundle Stars like all other e-commerce sites keeps stats on things like that, and I'd redeem them on Linux fairly quickly because Steamworks provides quite a bit of data to publishers. I sometimes find the amount of information being kept about consumers troubling, but when it comes to what platform I buy games for I want this widely known.

Looks like Rocket League is gearing up for a Linux & SteamOS release now
20 January 2016 at 8:36 am UTC

Quoting: PolochampsCompete with players from other platforms possible?
There is cross platform play between Windows and PlayStation so I'd be shocked if Linux was by itself.

Infinite Bundle from Bundle Stars has 12 Linux games for next to nothing
3 January 2016 at 11:27 am UTC

Quoting: EikeAin't this data the one discussed on this website for years now, defaulting to Windows and not switching to any other system if not played on this system shortly after the sell? And... I wonder when this sell is being accounted for key resellers - probably when they bought loads of keys long time ago?

Not quite, you're thinking of purchasing directly from Steam; it will decide the platform based on what the purchase was made from, overriding that if the game is installed/played within a week or two, and if a game has multiple publishers depending on platform it will make payments as appropriate. What we're talking about here is buying from a different retailer which has purchased keys from a distributor who may or may not be the publisher responsible for the platform the consumer of that key actually uses.

Key resellers typically don't make any effort to match keys to the platform the sale is being made to, and even if they did there isn't a mechanism for that to be overridden if the key is bought using one OS but redeemed and played using another. Some retailers will have separate pages for Windows and Mac versions of the same game, and the Mac and Linux versions often have the same publisher, so we can sometimes get porting company paid that way.

Quoting: EikeImplementing/using [analytics] software costs additionaly money and time.
Steam has to know what OS a game is being installed on in order to supply the right files. Valve only have to implement something to provide stats for that once for every publisher who uses Steam to have access to that information.

Infinite Bundle from Bundle Stars has 12 Linux games for next to nothing
3 January 2016 at 10:19 am UTC

Quoting: CybolicThey are indeed Linux compatible, but the keys themselves are registered as Windows sales.

As others have pointed out that isn't correct in this case. The Steam store can choose the publisher to pay based on the platform the purchase was made from, and checking Steam for ports from Aspyr and Feral we see they are listed as the publisher for Linux but another company is for Windows. Other stores buy keys from a publisher which may have no involvement in the Linux port. If we check Steam we'll see that the games in this bundle are all published by Forever Entertainment S. A. regardless of platform.

Quoting: EikeFor every game and every company, some boss will inevitable some day ask if it was worth supporting Linux.

They'll be wondering this even before porting, and will likely include analytics software within the game to tell them this and more. Given that Steamworks will tell publishers where sales are being made, detailed player stats, how web surfers found a store page, etc, we can be sure that at the very least there will be aggregate data about which platform keys were redeemed on.

Edit: Looks like some restrictions are starting to appear on SteamPlay games.

Steam is having a whopper of a sale right now
23 December 2015 at 8:06 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: Stupendous ManOn the Steam sale so far I've only bought Grid Autosport
Steam lists multiple developers and publishers for this, depending on platform. Buying from Steam on Linux gets money to the right place, see further down about buying from Steam using a phone.

Quoting: Stupendous Mana few days ago I bought Shadow of Mordor and Cities Skylines from GMG
GMG have a few versions of SoM, with keys from either Warners or Feral. The latter did the Linux port so only buying that one will get any money to them, the platform you used to buy or activate the key doesn't matter. GMG list the developer and publisher, and also the source which I assume is who they got the keys from (often the publisher but maybe another distributor in some cases).

It looks like GMG are being misleading here and may have tricked you. One of those is from Feral and says it runs on Mac but they also did the port to Linux. Another is from Warners and says it runs on Mac or Linux but they only published the Windows version. The only one on sale at the moment is also from Warners.

It wouldn't be the first time that GMG have behaved in a way that some people thought was a bit dodgy.

For Cities Skylines see the next comment ...

Quoting: Stupendous ManTrine 3 from the Humble Store as well as a heavily discounted DLC for Europa Universalis 4
The same developers and publishers put those out on all platforms so the money will go to the right place. Steam will tell them what platform you activated the keys on, and although it won't affect who gets paid it is good that they know their efforts for Linux have benefited them so it is good you've done that.

Quoting: Stupendous ManI bought them all from my android phone but activated the codes on Linux
The store you bought it from will see that you were using Android but that won't affect what platform the key is counted as. The exception is when buying directly from the Steam store, where the platform (and in the case of Grid Autosport who gets paid) will be set after 1 or 2 weeks, based on where it was played the most, or if not played where it was installed (or activated?) first, or if not installed/activated then it'll default to Windows.