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Latest Comments by TheRiddick
Nvidia Vulkan Driver updated
25 February 2016 at 9:56 am UTC

'Looks at AMD390x card in computer', sigh....

Steam Client Beta updated, fixes issues with lots of games on newer distributions
24 February 2016 at 12:58 pm UTC

They recently did a patch to MESA drivers in 11.2 which is meant to fix shader loading (or recycling), shader loadin is what xcom2 stutters about allot so it might help.

Still disappointing that AMD didn't have a solid driver release yet, NVIDIA is sure taking advantage of having no competition under Linux!

Looks like Evolve might still come to Linux & SteamOS
20 February 2016 at 6:51 pm UTC

I think what made this games community die off was how they did DLC content, basically it was stupid where allot of the games content was locked behind paywalls, AFTER already buying the game (reviews I'm going on here). Plus there was some STUPID paywall items such as paying $5 for a different COLOR gun, there is allot that this game had as nice feature but trying to ask everyone to pay for every tiny bit was a HUGE mistake by their part.

What they should have done is included everything as unlock-able content for free then release large expansion packs later down the track, but pissing off the community was their first choice, tools!

BattlEye anti-cheat now supports Linux, already live in ARK: Survival Evolved
18 February 2016 at 1:00 pm UTC

Yeah the solution for ARK under windows and Linux (at same time) is to just go Vulkan. I am sure allot of the DX12 code can be used in preparing Vulkan support which will be worth it down the line. Nothing more painful then having to develop your game on TWO APIs completely different from each other (D3D/OGL).

Catalyst 15.9 Tested on R7 370 4G
16 September 2015 at 2:33 pm UTC

I tried them out on my Linux Mint 17.2 install, had to go back to Kernel 3.13 to get it running as the Exton ones failed to install headers due to some dkms error that I can't be fcked figuring out.

These work just as good as the 15.200-1 development drivers I was using, ONE THING TO CONSIDER HOWEVER, and that is VSYNC is still pretty broken, if you turn on vsync expect to see on average a 30fps drop in performance for whatever reason.

What I would like AMD to do next is FIX the VSYNC up so the FPS loss is negligible, and also make it so screen tearing doesn't happen (in OpenGL) because with vsync on the fps was ALL over the place from 15-60fps and you could tell there was some draw issues.

Its worth noting that these issues exist for NVIDIA cards also, but I don't believe they murder performance like the AMD VSYNC does, however tearing persists with them on so no point using it.

PULSAR: Lost Colony, Indie Co-Op Spaceship Simulator, Now On Early Access
16 September 2015 at 2:20 pm UTC

I remember a game that was like this a while ago which was a proposed KS game on steam or something. It had you actually start on a planet and build a spaceship from scratch.

I DO NOT believe it is Empyrion as it had you build piping and engine rooms etc, and looked less blocky. They made a youtube video showing it off with someone in the game also, had a buggy drive out of the ships loading bay.

NE1 know what game I talk about? did they die?

Don't Count On Any EA Frostbite Powered Games On Linux
13 September 2015 at 1:44 am UTC

The tide will change for the underdog OS. Once AMD/NVIDIA have drivers that are more stable and easier to get working without crazy workarounds, and Vulkan comes out, then SteamOS. Yes EA may not care atm, but within a year that %1 is likely to grow, hopefully larger then Mac.

Arma 3 Compared On SteamOS & Windows
8 September 2015 at 4:37 pm UTC

Yep runs good on a 980GTX. I will have a 390x to test it out on soon, on kernel 4.2 so will see if latest dev drivers work.

Obsidian: Developing For Linux Was Not Worth It
1 September 2015 at 8:52 am UTC

Linux user-base will grow in time, once SteamOS is more popular, once AMD release proper drivers, once Vulkan is out in the wild.

All that should happen by Q1 2016, so I think its worth doing the ground work now on getting stuff running under Linux. I mean no need to dedicated too much resource, just hire a team like EON to get it done (ARMA3 is great under Linux).

Question you gotta ask yourself, did it cost more then 2.1million to make a Linux port? my guess it didn't cost much more then $100k or less.

Arma 3 Available For Linux In A Beta
1 September 2015 at 8:11 am UTC Likes: 2

Game runs pretty damn good for me, maybe better then Windows. I get consistent 52fps with below spec/settings
GTX980 @ 3840x2160 (100% 3d render)
5500m View distance
SMAA Ultra
Most settings on High or Very High

The only issue I see atm is the Texture resolution is fixed on LOW, and I would like to run that at HIGH if possible in future. Might make a bug report about it. VERY happy with this port release! We should all be giving a standing applause for EON!