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Distro:    Ubuntu
Channel: Youtube Ubuntu Gaming
Country: Malaysia

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Saitek X52 With Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers On Ubuntu

By Sabun,
Today, I bring to you a small video concerning Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers. I plugged in my Saitek X52 controllers in Ubuntu, fired up the game and started playing! I couldn't believe it would just work!

Dota 2: How Does Ubuntu 13.04 Compare To Windows 8?

By Sabun,
Today there are two tests to showcase. One is showcasing Dota 2 on a GTX 680 in both Operating Systems, and the other is showcasing Dota 2 on an Intel HD 4600 iGPU in both Operating Systems.

Unigine Heaven: How Does Ubuntu 13.04 Compare To Windows 8?

By Sabun,
Today I present to you another comparison video, this time around running Unigine's Heaven benchmark. The Heaven benchmark is very demanding on even the latest hardware, so I was interested to see how Ubuntu, a Linux distro, would handle the stress in comparison to Windows 8.

How Does Left 4 Dead 2 Perform On Ubuntu 13.04 Compared To Windows 8?

By Sabun,
Today I bring you a smaller but new test I did recently with my system. I wanted to see what the actual performance difference was when running Left 4 Dead 2 natively in Ubuntu 13.04 versus running it in Windows 8.

Wine Testing: Does The D3D Patch Boost Performance?

By Sabun,
Hey there folks! Today I present to you a small test I did with the recent Wine 1.7.1. The video showcases the differences of games running in a normal Wine 1.7.1 versus a patched Wine 1.7.1.

Alienware X51 deploying with Ubuntu!

By Sabun,
It's the Alienware X51. No doubt it will come to many as a shock, as it did to myself. It would seem Dell wants to ...
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