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The Funding Crowd Team

This will be the top-level for team writing of The Funding Crowd articles.

Guidelines for writing

Style & Formatting

  • section order should be: Hidden Gems, Losers, Winners, Still in the Running, Biggies
  • despite the myriad flaws in English, write all articles in it
  • properly spell all words
  • capitalize all proper nouns, including Linux ;-)
  • € at end, $ and £ at start
  • single-space following end-of-sentence (but don't sweat it in the draft if you're a double-spacer, can be fixed on export to bbcode)

New Project Summaries

Typically, this refers to the Biggies and Hidden Gems sections.


  • somebody participating in The Funding Crowd nominated it as an interesting project
  • either that person or someone else on the team was willing to write up a paragraph for it


  • genre
  • warning if Linux is stretch-goal
  • strong-points of game (in your opinion of course)
  • Biggies and Hidden Gems are ranked in descending order

Optional topics

  • other notability for the Linux and/or FOSS community
  • dev team history: previous games by team, famous members on team
  • other games it reminds you of
  • size of goal, funding momentum
  • interesting stretch goals
  • amusing parts of campaign (pitch video, faq entries, whatever)


The only thing listed that is on the negative side is warnings about Linux as a stretch-goal (clearly important for practical reasons). If you look through Munt's articles, enthusiasm is what shines through -- he talks about what is cool and avoids any picky critiquing. We should aim to do the same: put in the high points that might make somebody want to pledge. Any negativity (particularly within the What Happened & Still In The Running sections) should be for good reason, and run by another member of The Funding Crowd, for perspective.

Still in the Running


To keep this section from overwhelming the new stuff in length, rather than listing all running projects, we list projects that meet 2 criteria:

  • previously appeared in the new picks section
  • has more than a vanishingly small probability of making the goal


  • highlights from when it first appeared as a new pick (condense it down somewhat, unless first write-up was short)
  • news from updates in the last week
  • funding progress (N% left in goal after a good week, made stretch goal X since last covered, little progress last week...)

Optional topics

  • Greenlight link, if any (typically found near the top of the Kickstarter front page)


Kicktraq is the #1 tool for assessing project viability, especially the news list and daily funding chart, however it is useless for tracking flexible funding projects.

Cool flexible funding projects (e.g. 0 A.D.) can meet the second requirement by default. However, due to the potential for abuse, flexible funding projects should be de-emphasized in general unless there is a strong additional reason for inclusion beyond Linux support. Reasons could include passionate support from a member of The Funding Crowd, a really strong demo or, as in the case of O A.D., a very strong free-culture/free-software commitment.

Fixed funding projects need to be making substantial percentage progress towards their goal, or have small goals with press coverage and/or enthused backers rooting for it to help build momentum. Exceptions can be made, of course, if a member of The Funding Crowd is particularly enthusiastic and is willing to take on the task of authoring write-ups to follow a doomed project to the bitter end. Even that needs to be moderated for the good of the article.

Corner Cases

Crowd-funding is messy, and often an exercise in contradiction. Special cases crop up periodically, and The Funding Crowd has to come to consensus on it. These points of consensus can be collected here.

  • previously-featured Gem relaunches can be featured again, without a number, above the lowest numbered Gem in the list
  • Biggies can dip below the $100k barrier if wildly successful (e.g. Hyper Light Drifter w/$645k of $27k) to free a Gem slot
  • ten Gems and five Biggies are neither a solid upper-bound, nor a requirement
  • bi-weekly publication is neither a guarantee, nor a restriction


At the moment we have 2 templates: the draft template in wiki format, which includes working space for collaboration, and the article submission template in bbcode format, for the final paste into GoL article submission form.The benefit of having the separate draft format is not just the extra working-space sections, which of course could be added to the top of the bbcode template, but that links and formatting will function properly while we're generating the article contents.

draft template

article submission template

How to use draft template

  • create a new page in "In progress draft" section by adding a link and clicking on it, e.g.
[[30 September 2013]]
  • paste in call to template, filling in appropriate TARGET_DATE (target date for draft) and LAST_DATE (date of previous edition)
{{subst:FundingCrowdTemplate | TARGET_DATE = 2013-09-30 | LAST_DATE = 2013-09-23}}

How to use article submission template

My (Speedster's) future mad scheme is to whip up a python script to convert from the draft format into the article submission format using the bbcode template. That would include converting links and bolding to bbcode formatting. Currently this work is being done more manually by team member Muntdefems, likely by pasting the wiki code into a nice text editor and using text substitution magic.


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3rd January 2016

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