Games broken on Mesa

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A list of games currently broken on Mesa drivers.


Game Bug Notes and workarounds if no bug versions of: kernel, mesa, llvm, distro, GPU
Cities: Skylines #98984 And worse: mesa git-1c5dcec currently crashes after the main menu (not for me with Steam Beta, sure it's not something like this?).
Dead Island #85564 Have worked at times
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition #93551 LD_PRELOAD hook workaround.
Planetary Annihilation #65968 It still happens (on AMD hardware) in PA:Titans
Portal 2 #98002
Rocket League #97879
Rust ??? Hands are green, grass pink green and blue (like post-it colors). Please report a bug if it wasn't done yet.
Stellaris #98974
Strike Suit Zero #76484
Sublevel Zero Game FAQ Developers don't really support Linux and specially not Mesa, probably application side. Can be also Unreal Engine shaders translation bug.
See also "Graphics glitches with volumetric lighting on Linux+Mesa+RadeonSI".
The Witcher 2 #98238 Partial fix by Marek Olšák.

Requires Compatibility Context

  • Crookz

  • Dying Light
  • Dear Esther

(native port from Humble Bundle)


  • id Tech 5/6

Works with workarounds, might be fixable with a limited CC in Mesa just to make GLEW happy?