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A list of games currently broken in some way on Mesa drivers.

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  • If you don't know the Mesa version, please do not post it as it's not helpful to anyone.
  • If the game is broken on multiple versions of Mesa, please use a new entry for each one. Only add data to an existing one if you're using the exact same Mesa version.
  • Try to use hyperlinking instead of pasting URLs, it keeps the table neat.
  • Only list actual broken games, a game that takes a while start is not broken, for example (that's needing optimization, which is a different topic).
  • If you can't find corresponding bug in the Mesa bug tracker, please help developers and yourself, and file one.
  • For the list of recently fixed games and issues, see Games with recent fixes in Mesa. Transfer fixed games and issues to that list please,

Native Games, General Bugs

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Alchemist's Awakening Crashes to desktop, if run via terminal gives following, error:
cannot initialize uniform typeColor in GLSL 1.10 (GLSL 1.20 required), error: array constructors forbidden in GLSL 1.10 (GLSL 1.20 or GLSL ES 3.00 required), error: initializer of uniform variable `typeColor' must be a constant expression
AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0 Game fixed.
Anomaly Warzone Earth Used to have infinite mission loading, now it doesn't start at all and GNOME freezes (but the game can be killed from a VT and desktop works again).
Might be a game bug according to a steam thread which links to this steam post.
AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
ARK: Survival Evolved #99484 The game renders many flickering red, black and cyan squares all over the world. A temporary fix is to start the game without HyperZ. Note: Expect more render issues, even with fixed drivers. It is somewhat playable though. AMD RX 480, Ubuntu 17.10 Likely all previous versions Fixed in git (c4d1a199f8)
Battleblock Theatre May be a game bug. Does not start on official released version. On Steam there is a beta branch that fixes it. You have to contact support to get a code for this, as it is not allowed to be shared :( Support page AMD RX 480, AMD HD 6870 5/01/17 / llvm 3.9
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Freezes on the main screen, almost immediately
After the new Steam update that prefers host libraries, the problem is gone (game runs). Note: Confirmed. Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480
AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0 Mesa 17.0.0 / LLVM 3.9.1
Cossacks 3 Immediately crashes AMD RX 460, Solus mesa 17.2.3 / llvm 5.0.0
Crusader Kings 2 #99484 Loading bars, siege bars, morale bars, etc. do not render correctly AMD RX 480 mesa 17.1.0-devel / llvm 5.0-git mesa-git (7751ed39e4)
Dead Island #85564 The game has a problem with opening too many files for normal campaign.
Workaround is to add to file "/etc/security/limits.conf" two lines:
your_username soft nofile 32767
your_username hard nofile 65535

Replace your_username with Linux username that You use.
Without this workaround only Ryders campaign works properly.

AMD RX470 4GB Mesa 17.3.0-devel - padoka PPA, 4.11.0-13-lowlatency, LLVM 6.0.0
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition #93551 LD_PRELOAD hook workaround. AMD RX 480, radeonsi All
Hero Siege #101384 (Probably) missing dependencies: libopenal-dev:i386, libxrandr_dev:i386, libglu-dev:i386 - segfault on startup AMD RX 480 Mesa 17.2-devel / LLVM 5.0-git
Master of Orion (2016) menu has a Red and Blue solid color with radeonsi and nvidia propr. on X. On Wayland flickering fixed by disabling AA in the configuration file. It was probably a game bug, fixed now all git 10/01/17
Observer Game goes completely black when entering first door in apartment complex. Unplayable All
Payday 2 #99450 Some textures are glowing in some maps (e.g. Cash registers in Mallcrash) AMD RX 480, Mint 18.1 (4.8.0-34) mesa 13.0.3 / LLVM 3.9.1 mesa 17
Pillars of Eternity #99051. crash Note: Works well on Mesa 17.0 with llvm 3.9.1 => fix confirmed. mesa 13.1 mesa 17.0.0
Planetary Annihilation #65968 It still happens (on AMD hardware) in PA:Titans (work around: add --software-ui to steam launch options)
Portal Stories: Mel character's hands and arms as full black Intel HD 7850, Fedora 25 09/01/17
Rocket League #97879 Note: Fixed. Long hangs are gone mesa 17.0.0 (and game fix)
Rust #99413 All issues fixed on recent versions of mesa All
Saints Row 3 / 4 #98239 Very low framerate in outside areas, especially while driving. Runs fine in most indoor areas. As of Mesa 17.1+ and Linux kernel 4.11+, the games are generally playable (25+ fps). However, fps is still pitiful relative to Nvidia driver, and still plummets down to the single digits when looking over large areas. Note: SR3 works quite well on RX480 and mesa 17.1.5/LLVM 4.0.1 (70-80FPS in ultra) RX 480 & R7 360 mesa 17.0.0-dev / llvm 5.0-git
Screencheat Freezes often in the main menu (not always). The sound continues to run. (might be this bug). Note: Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480 AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0
ShellShock Live does not start Note: Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480 HD 7950 after mesa reached GL 4.5
Stellaris #98974 Seems to only affect the r600 Gallium driver, works fine with RX480 using mesa 17.1.5 and LLVM 4.0.1
Strike Suit Zero #76484
Sublevel Zero Game FAQ Developers don't really support Linux and specially not Mesa, probably application side. Uses Unity.
See also "Graphics glitches with volumetric lighting on Linux+Mesa+RadeonSI".
The Witcher 2 #98238 Fixed by Marek Olšák. Until /etc/drirc will catch up, set
AMD RX 480, radeonsi 17.2.0-devel (2ea16f08f3f)
Tyranny crash Note: Fixed with Mesa 17.0 mesa 13.1.0 mesa 17.0
Unreal Tournament 4 0.1.6 changing character models in player options, graphics freezes completely for a while, then displays static with a flickering box on it and either the kernel panics (from radeonsi) or X restarts after a while. Also some textures are completely black every now and then Intel HD 7950, Arch mesa 13.0.3
X-Plane 10 Steam forum The game needs the following Steam launch parameters in order to run with radeonsi: %command% --force_run --no_fbos AMD RX 480 5/01/17 / llvm 3.9
X-Plane 11 Steam forum Game must be run with the following parameter in order to start: "--force_run". Game will crash on starting the tutorial, which cannot be skipped, making the game seem unplayable initially. To work around this, open the plane maker app first, allow it to finish loading and then exit. Then start XPlane. This will trick XPlane into not running the tutorials any more, and you will be able to set up flights manually. Ensure clouds are turned off otherwise the game will immediately crash. You will be unable to launch the tutorials as they all include clouds which cannot be disabled. AMD RX 580 llvm 4.0.1
X3: Terran Conflict Runs slowly when a lot of text is rendered on screen mesa bisect good description of issue Any AMD Mesa graphics configuration after commit 07c65b85ea After commit 07c65b85ea
Mount & Blade: Warband Hangs on "screen-changes" from menus to the game and the other way round (map and fights <-> menu/dialog). ALT-TAB out and in again fixes it. Also, stuttering in the 3d/map mode sometimes - workaround: save the game (!?) Fixed in Mesa 17.1.8. AMD RX460 mesa 17.1.1 / lvvm 4.0.0 mesa 17.1.8 / llvm 4.0.1
Valhalla Hills #100400 Crashes directly after starting "./ValhallaHills-Linux-Shipping': free(): invalid pointer" AMD RX 480 mesa 17.04-2 / llvm 4.0.0-1 mesa 17.2.0-devel / llvm 5.0.0
Peace, Death! #101675 Instant crash on RadeonSI and LLVMPIPE AMD R7 370, Arch Linux mesa 17.1.2 / LLVM 4.0.0
Riptale Instant crash on RadeonSI, works with LLVMPIPE (Game Maker bug?) AMD R7 370, Arch Linux mesa 17.1.2 / LLVM 4.0.0

Native Games, Requires Compatibility Context

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Crookz: The Big Heist Requests a 3.2 COMPAT profile See Steam forum All All mesa-git (76c6d85cbd)
Dying Light #96449 Game still needs MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.4 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=440 but it works now All All mesa-git (2b878cb8fd)
Dear Esther native port from Humble Bundle
Dead Island Definitive Edition With OpenGL core profile 4.5 and OpenGL version string 3.0, game opens a pop up saying OpenGL has to be 3.3 at least and it detects 3.0. Launching with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=450 fixes it. I tried with override 3.3 and 330 but it didn't work. HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake GT2) Mesa 17.2.3
Full Bore
Grand Ages: Medieval #100390 Crash on startup (game bug). Request a 4.1 compat profile (unsupported by Mesa). All All
Tropico 5 Requests a 1.0 COMPAT profile and uses GLSL 150 All All mesa-git (124d9dd57f)
Worms W.M.D Requests a 2.0 COMPAT profile and uses GLSL 330 All All mesa-git (34d587abc2)

Non-native (Wine)

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
id Tech 5/6 Works with workarounds, might be fixable with a limited CC in Mesa just to make GLEW happy? Starting Wolfenstein TNO/TOB with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.2COMPAT MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=330 allows the game to start, however the rendering is a psychedelic stripe fest
DOOM Wine AppDB post Green screen. See Mesa branch by David Airlie. Now has workaround in mainline, until iD issues fix AMD RX 480, amdgpu+radv Yes Mesa-Git 0eef03a (17.2)
The Witcher 3 #104193 Hard freezes the system with no attachments calls & transform feedback patch. See also Wine bug #43872 for details. AMD RX 480, radeonsi 17.4.0-devel (git-b926da241a)

Needs more info, more testing

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
39 Steps Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
Absolute Drift Graphic corruption upon launching, multiple squares of horizontal lines. Note: File data.unity3d is missing in the build, can't start the game AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
AI War: Fleet Command Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
F1 2015 #99813 rendering problems - Feral Note: No render issues seen when using Mesa 13.0.2 (official release) likely git specific issue. AMD RX 480 ??
Magicka 2 Displays graphical artifacts when doing/taking damage (triangles flashing over the characters, definitely when using fire cone) Note: Works with RX480 using mesa 17.1.5 and LLVM 4.0.1 and rx460 mesa 17.1.6 and llvm 4.0.0 AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0

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