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A list of games currently broken in some way on Mesa drivers.

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  • If you don't know the Mesa version, please do not post it as it's not helpful to anyone.
  • If the game is broken on multiple versions of Mesa, please use a new entry for each one. Only add data to an existing one if you're using the exact same Mesa version.
  • Try to use hyperlinking instead of pasting URLs, it keeps the table neat.
  • Only list actual broken games, a game that takes a while start is not broken, for example (that's needing optimization, which is a different topic).
  • If you can't find corresponding bug in the Mesa bug tracker, please help developers and yourself, and file one.
  • For the list of recently fixed games and issues, see Games with recent fixes in Mesa. Transfer fixed games and issues to that list please.

Native Games, General Bugs

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Battleblock Theatre May be a game bug. Does not start on official released version. On Steam there is a beta branch that fixes it. You have to contact support to get a code for this, as it is not allowed to be shared :( Support page AMD RX 480, AMD HD 6870 5/01/17 / llvm 3.9
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition #93551 LD_PRELOAD hook workaround. AMD RX 480, radeonsi All
Hero Siege #101384 (Probably) missing dependencies: libopenal-dev:i386, libxrandr_dev:i386, libglu-dev:i386 - segfault on startup AMD RX 480 Mesa 17.2-devel / LLVM 5.0-git
Layers of Fear Some furniture and walls are invisible. Tessellation shader compilation failure. Updated testing: Crashed on start-up seems to globally overload new/delete in a way incompatible with Mesa AMD RX 470 (any AMD/Intel?) Mesa 17.x, LLVM 5.0 (also Mesa 13.x?)
Planetary Annihilation #65968 It still happens (on AMD hardware) in PA:Titans (work around: add --software-ui to steam launch options)
Strike Suit Zero #76484
Sublevel Zero Game FAQ Developers don't really support Linux and specially not Mesa, probably application side. Uses Unity.
See also "Graphics glitches with volumetric lighting on Linux+Mesa+RadeonSI".
Unreal Tournament 4 0.1.6 changing character models in player options, graphics freezes completely for a while, then displays static with a flickering box on it and either the kernel panics (from radeonsi) or X restarts after a while. Also some textures are completely black every now and then Intel HD 7950, Arch mesa 13.0.3
X3: Terran Conflict Runs slowly when a lot of text is rendered on screen mesa bisect good description of issue Any AMD Mesa graphics configuration after commit 07c65b85ea After commit 07c65b85ea
Peace, Death! #101675 Instant crash on RadeonSI and LLVMPIPE AMD R7 370, Arch Linux mesa 17.1.2 / LLVM 4.0.0
Riptale Instant crash on RadeonSI, works with LLVMPIPE (Game Maker bug?). Game starts up if you run the "runner" file directly with R600_DEBUG=mono flag AMD RX580, Arch Linux mesa 18.1.4 / LLVM 6.0.1
Undertale #103915 Segfaults on startup, Crude workaround: run with LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 AMD Vega 56 Mesa 18.1.2 / LLVM 6.0.0
Valhalla Hills #100400 Instant crash on RadeonSI, memory free of wrong size somewhere in llvm AMD Rx 480, Gentoo Linux mesa 18.0.0 / LLVM 6.0.0 Bug is marked as fixed in llvm 4, but it isn't fixed as of llvm 6
Dirt: Showdown #100069 Using advanced lightning in the options makes the game very slow and shows graphical artifacts AMD Radeon HD 7970, Arch Linux all mesa versions
Dirt: Showdown #99995 Very slow rendering workaround: MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE='-GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store -GL_ARB_compute_shader' Geforce GTX 750 mesa 17.0
Hitman (2016) #99923 Lightning issues, broken rendering various GCN 1.0 / GCN 1.1 cards mesa 17.1 / LLVM 5.0git
War Thunder #101978 Slow Performance, regression mesa 17.3
ARMA: 3 #101739 Incorrect tree rendering workaround: glsl_correct_derivatives_after_discard=true
Civilization VI #104602 Graphical artifacts: flickering triangles RX Vega mesa 18.0
Rise of the Tomb Raider #106151 #106877 Random GPU hangs RX Vega mesa 18.0
Dolphin (emulator) #105339 #105941 #107991 Crashing while playing games
Unreal Tournament 2004 #105494 Cube map reflection bug various Intel + AMD GPUs
Dying Light #106287 Graphical glitches, regression since Mesa 18.0.1 various AMD GPUs Mesa 18.0.1
Counter Strike: GO #100239 Graphical glitches Polaris based AMD GPUs Mesa 18.1.3
Anima Gate of Memories #106875 Graphical artifacts RX Vega 56 Mesa 18.1.1
Medieval II: Total War #106224 #107907 Depending on configuration, game crash on startup or in menu while idle AMD R9 270

Native Games, Requires Compatibility Context

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Dear Esther native port from Humble Bundle
Dead Island Definitive Edition With OpenGL core profile 4.5 and OpenGL version string 3.0, game opens a pop up saying OpenGL has to be 3.3 at least and it detects 3.0. Launching with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=450 fixes it. I tried with override 3.3 and 330 but it didn't work. HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake GT2) Mesa 17.2.3
Dying Light #96449 #107990 As of Mesa 18.2, compatibility overrides should not be longer needed. However it appears that the game is still broken. Broken after Mesa ~18 All Mesa 17.1
Full Bore

Non-native (Wine)

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
DIRT 3 & GTA V #107786 Objects are rendered a lot darker because of broken MSAA under DXVK. Workaround: Set MSAA to OFF all cards affected
The Witcher 3 #104193 Hard freezes the system when fighting rotfiends. See also Wine bug #43872 for details. Polaris specific (Vega isn't affected). AMD RX 480, radeonsi 17.4.0-devel (git-b926da241a)
Various Games #102885 Sparkle grid in shadows AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (Carrizo) 17.2
Various Games #97516 Games fail to start: wglChoosePixelFormatARB failed to find a suitable format Affected: Brink, DOOM3: BFG all cards all versions
Wolfenstein II: TNO #104302 Broken melting facial animations various cards all versions

Needs more info, more testing

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
39 Steps Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
Absolute Drift Graphic corruption upon launching, multiple squares of horizontal lines. Note: File data.unity3d is missing in the build, can't start the game AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
AI War: Fleet Command Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
F1 2015 #99813 rendering problems - Feral Note: No render issues seen when using Mesa 13.0.2 (official release) likely git specific issue. AMD RX 480 ??
Magicka 2 Displays graphical artifacts when doing/taking damage (triangles flashing over the characters, definitely when using fire cone) Note: Works with RX480 using mesa 17.1.5 and LLVM 4.0.1 and rx460 mesa 17.1.6 and llvm 4.0.0 AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0

Game Bugs

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Anomaly Warzone Earth Not a Mesa but a game / steam bug. Fix described here Might need additional Steam fix described here After those two fixes, the game is working fine. AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
Black Mesa #106394 Lately a game update fixed the requirement of GL_EXT_gpu_shader4. Sadly the game still crashes with "Out of Memory" errors. It is unknown if this is a game or a mesa bug. Workaround: set %command% -dev to the start options and set graphic options to lowest various cards, all versions are affected
Cossacks 3 Immediately crashes. Note: This game is marked as beta on Linux by the devs and while the game get a little further on Nvidia binary drivers it crashes there too. AMD RX 460, Solus mesa 17.2.3 / llvm 5.0.0
Portal Stories: Mel #96512 character's hands and arms as full black Intel HD 7850, Fedora 25 09/01/17

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