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A list of games currently broken in some way on Mesa drivers.

Please read before editing!

  • Please make sure you list the Mesa version used.
  • Mesa git, please only put the date and in DD/MM/YY format. This will make it easier to sort the table. (if there's a better way, feel free to discuss it)
  • If you don't know the Mesa version, please do not post it as it's not helpful to anyone.
  • If the game is broken on multiple versions of Mesa, please use a new entry for each one. Only add data to an existing one if you're using the exact same Mesa version.
  • Try to use hyperlinking instead of pasting URLs, it keeps the table neat.
  • Only list actual broken games, a game that takes a while start is not broken, for example (that's needing optimization, which is a different topic).
  • If you can't find corresponding bug in the Mesa bug tracker, please help developers and yourself, and file one.
  • For the list of recently fixed games and issues, see Games with recent fixes in Mesa. Transfer fixed games and issues to that list please.

Native Games, General Bugs

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition || #93551 || LD_PRELOAD hook workaround. || AMD RX 480, radeonsi || All ||
Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Battleblock Theatre May be a game bug. Does not start on official released version. On Steam there is a beta branch that fixes it. You have to contact support to get a code for this, as it is not allowed to be shared :( Support page AMD RX 480, AMD HD 6870 5/01/17 / llvm 3.9
Bioshock: Infinite #103300 Graphical glitches. AMD RX 460 All
Hero Siege #101384 (Probably) missing dependencies: libopenal-dev:i386, libxrandr_dev:i386, libglu-dev:i386 - segfault on startup AMD RX 480 Mesa 17.2-devel / LLVM 5.0-git
Layers of Fear Some furniture and walls are invisible. Tessellation shader compilation failure. Updated testing: Crashed on start-up seems to globally overload new/delete in a way incompatible with Mesa AMD RX 470 (any AMD/Intel?) Mesa 17.x, LLVM 5.0 (also Mesa 13.x?)
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Bug report Shadows not rendered correctly regressed since Mesa 18.0
Strike Suit Zero #76484
Sublevel Zero Game FAQ Developers don't really support Linux and specially not Mesa, probably application side. Uses Unity.
See also "Graphics glitches with volumetric lighting on Linux+Mesa+RadeonSI".
Unreal Tournament 4 0.1.6 changing character models in player options, graphics freezes completely for a while, then displays static with a flickering box on it and either the kernel panics (from radeonsi) or X restarts after a while. Also some textures are completely black every now and then Intel HD 7950, Arch mesa 13.0.3
X3: Terran Conflict Runs slowly when a lot of text is rendered on screen mesa bisect good description of issue Any AMD Mesa graphics configuration after commit 07c65b85ea After commit 07c65b85ea
Peace, Death! #101675 Instant crash on RadeonSI and LLVMPIPE AMD R7 370, Arch Linux mesa 17.1.2 / LLVM 4.0.0
Riptale Instant crash on RadeonSI, works with LLVMPIPE (Game Maker bug?). Game starts up if you run the "runner" file directly with R600_DEBUG=mono flag AMD RX580, Arch Linux mesa 18.1.4 / LLVM 6.0.1
Undertale #103915 Segfaults on startup, Crude workaround: run with LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 AMD Vega 56 Mesa 18.1.2 / LLVM 6.0.0
Valhalla Hills #100400 Instant crash on RadeonSI, memory free of wrong size somewhere in llvm AMD Rx 480, Gentoo Linux mesa 18.0.0 / LLVM 6.0.0 Bug is marked as fixed in llvm 4, but it isn't fixed as of llvm 6
Dirt: Showdown #100069 Using advanced lightning in the options makes the game very slow and shows graphical artifacts AMD Radeon HD 7970, Arch Linux all mesa versions
Dirt: Showdown #99995 Very slow rendering workaround: MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE='-GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store -GL_ARB_compute_shader' Geforce GTX 750 mesa 17.0
Hitman (2016) #99923 Lightning issues, broken rendering various GCN 1.0 / GCN 1.1 cards mesa 17.1 / LLVM 5.0git
War Thunder #101978 Slow Performance, regression mesa 17.3
ARMA: 3 #101739 Incorrect tree rendering workaround: glsl_correct_derivatives_after_discard=true
Civilization VI #104602 Graphical artifacts: flickering triangles RX Vega mesa 18.0
Rise of the Tomb Raider #106151 #106877 Random GPU hangs RX Vega mesa 18.0
Dolphin (emulator) #105339 #105941 #107991 Crashing while playing games
Unreal Tournament 2004 #105494 Cube map reflection bug various Intel + AMD GPUs
Dying Light #106287 Graphical glitches, regression since Mesa 18.0.1 various AMD GPUs Mesa 18.0.1
Counter Strike: GO #100239 Graphical glitches Polaris based AMD GPUs Mesa 18.1.3
Anima Gate of Memories #106875 Graphical artifacts RX Vega 56 Mesa 18.1.1
Medieval II: Total War #106224 #107907 Depending on configuration, game crash on startup or in menu while idle AMD R9 270

Native Games, Requires Compatibility Context

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Dear Esther native port from Humble Bundle
Dead Island Definitive Edition With OpenGL core profile 4.5 and OpenGL version string 3.0, game opens a pop up saying OpenGL has to be 3.3 at least and it detects 3.0. Launching with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=450 fixes it. I tried with override 3.3 and 330 but it didn't work. HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake GT2) Mesa 17.2.3
Dying Light #96449 #107990 As of Mesa 18.2, compatibility overrides should not be longer needed. However it appears that the game is still broken. Broken after Mesa ~18 All Mesa 17.1
Full Bore

Non-native (Wine)

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
DIRT 3 & GTA V #107786 Objects are rendered a lot darker because of broken MSAA under DXVK. Workaround: Set MSAA to OFF all cards affected
Overwatch #104302 Broken melting facial animations various cards all versions
The Witcher 3 #102962 GPU crash on various cards varous cards all versions
Various Games #102885 Sparkle grid in shadows AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (Carrizo) 17.2
Various Games #97516 Games fail to start: wglChoosePixelFormatARB failed to find a suitable format Affected: Brink, DOOM3: BFG all cards all versions
Wolfenstein II: TNO #104302 Broken melting facial animations various cards all versions

Needs more info, more testing

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
39 Steps Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
Absolute Drift Graphic corruption upon launching, multiple squares of horizontal lines. Note: File data.unity3d is missing in the build, can't start the game AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
AI War: Fleet Command Black screen, never goes beyond that. Has to be kill -9 to get it to close. No error in terminal. Note: Works for me (same hw, same sw) AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
F1 2015 #99813 rendering problems - Feral Note: No render issues seen when using Mesa 13.0.2 (official release) likely git specific issue. AMD RX 480 ??
Magicka 2 Displays graphical artifacts when doing/taking damage (triangles flashing over the characters, definitely when using fire cone) Note: Works with RX480 using mesa 17.1.5 and LLVM 4.0.1 and rx460 mesa 17.1.6 and llvm 4.0.0 AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0

Game Bugs

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Anomaly Warzone Earth Not a Mesa but a game / steam bug. Fix described here Might need additional Steam fix described here After those two fixes, the game is working fine. AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0
Black Mesa #106394 Lately a game update fixed the requirement of GL_EXT_gpu_shader4. Sadly the game still crashes with "Out of Memory" errors. It is unknown if this is a game or a mesa bug. Workaround: set %command% -dev to the start options and set graphic options to lowest various cards, all versions are affected
Cossacks 3 Immediately crashes. Note: This game is marked as beta on Linux by the devs and while the game get a little further on Nvidia binary drivers it crashes there too. AMD RX 460, Solus mesa 17.2.3 / llvm 5.0.0
Planetary Annihilation #65968 Turned out as game bug. Workaround: add %command% --software-ui to steam launch options
Portal Stories: Mel #96512 character's hands and arms as full black Intel HD 7850, Fedora 25 09/01/17

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