Games that removed Linux support

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To keep track of the changing landscape of Linux gaming, here's a list of games that have removed official Linux support.

Name Developer Date Removed Linux build status Why?
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Games Farm 2015 (unsure exactly) Can still install
Red Crucible: Firestorm Rocketeer Games Studio, LLC July 2016 Linux build removed
Alice's Mom's Rescue OrionSoft December 2016 Linux build removed (worked on normal distros, not SteamOS)
The Cat Lady Harvester Games January 2017
SNOW Poppermost Productions February 2017 Linux build removed
Leaving Lyndow Eastshade Studios May 2017 (possibly April) Can still install
Wells Tower Up Studios October 2017 Can still install
The Banner Saga Stoic February 2018 (possibly earlier) Can still install
Defense Grid 2 Hidden Path Entertainment April 2018 Can still install
Downfall Harvester Games July 2018 earliest mention of no more support Dev moving to use Steam Play/Proton, see here.
Evolvation HyperReuts September 2018 Linux build removed, Linux support again "in a matter of months"
Anodyne Sean Han Tani, Marina Kittaka October 2018 Can still install
Human: Fall Flat No Brakes Games October 2018 Can still install
Phoenix Point Snapshot Games November 2018 Cancelled while in Beta, no more builds for Linux, refunds offered
Heroes of Newerth Garena + Frostburn Studios December 2018 Completely dropped it
Rust Facepunch Studios August 2019 Completely dropped it Low market share, Unity didn't support IL2CPP at the time (it does as of Unity 2019.3)[1]
Natural Selection 2 Unknown Worlds September 2019 Not entirely done yet, sounds like it will be entirely removed
Forager HopFrog October 2019 Linux build still up, but not advertised or supported
Throne of Lies Imperium42 Game Studio October 2019 Could return eventually
Rocket League Psyonix - Epic Games March 2020 Offline only from March Updating to DirectX 11 (OpenGL needs DirectX 9 - wrapper?) - Linux and macOS "less than 0.3%" so they cannot "justify the additional and ongoing investment" and "especially when viable workarounds exist like Bootcamp or Wine"[2]
We Were Here Total Mayhem Games April 2020 Entirely removed See here
We Were Here Too Total Mayhem Games June 2020 Entirely removed See here
Supraland Supra Games June 2020 Linux build up just hidden Developer knows nothing about Linux, did a click to export and called it a day.