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Native Games, General Bugs

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Alchemist's Awakening Crashes to desktop, if run via terminal gives following, error:
cannot initialize uniform typeColor in GLSL 1.10 (GLSL 1.20 required), error: array constructors forbidden in GLSL 1.10 (GLSL 1.20 or GLSL ES 3.00 required), error: initializer of uniform variable `typeColor' must be a constant expression
AMD RX 480, Arch Linux mesa 17.1 / LLVM 4.0.0 Game fixed.
American Truck Simulator #110711 Reflections on the chrome parts of the trucks have strange colored noise. all cards all versions Fixed with Mesa git / next stable release
American Truck Simulator #104285 Displays graphical artifacts with shadows enabled (flickering blocks around shadowed objects) Note: someone mentioned that bug doesn't appear on mesa-git with llvm-git from 08.01.2018 AMD R9 280X, Solus mesa 17.3.1 / llvm 5.0.0 Fixed in LLVM 6.
ARK: Survival Evolved #99484 The game renders many flickering red, black and cyan squares all over the world. A temporary fix is to start the game without HyperZ. Note: Expect more render issues, even with fixed drivers. It is somewhat playable though. AMD RX 480, Ubuntu 17.10 Likely all previous versions Fixed in git (c4d1a199f8)
ARMA: 3 #101739 Incorrect rendering of trees. This workaround gets now applied by default in mesa: glsl_correct_derivatives_after_discard=true all versions all AMD cards commit
Civilization VI #108111 Loading screens have graphical corruption. Polaris based cards Regression in LLVM 7 Mesa 18.2.2 commit
Civilization VI #104602 Graphical artifacts: flickering triangles RX Vega mesa 18.0 fixed in new Mesa 18 / Mesa 19 stable release
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Freezes on the main screen, almost immediately
After the new Steam update that prefers host libraries, the problem is gone (game runs). Note: Confirmed. Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480
AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0 Mesa 17.0.0 / LLVM 3.9.1
Counter Strike: GO #100239 Graphical glitches Polaris based AMD GPUs Mesa 18.1.3 Fixed by #commit
Crusader Kings 2 #99484 Loading bars, siege bars, morale bars, etc. do not render correctly AMD RX 480 mesa 17.1.0-devel / llvm 5.0-git mesa-git (7751ed39e4)
Dead Island #85564 The game has a problem with opening too many files for normal campaign.
Workaround is to add to file "/etc/security/limits.conf" two lines:
your_username soft nofile 32767
your_username hard nofile 65535

Replace your_username with Linux username that You use.
Without this workaround only Ryders campaign works properly. According to the commit message, with the full support for ARB_get_program_binary in Mesa the game should now work out of the box.

AMD RX470 4GB Mesa 17.3.0-devel - padoka PPA, 4.11.0-13-lowlatency, LLVM 6.0.0 commit
Dying Light #107990 When Mesa is compiled with GLVND support, the game needs a workaround to run. See bug report. Mesa is missing EXT_direct_state_access extension. Broken after Mesa ~18 All Mesa 19.2
Dolphin (emulator) #100430 #103852 Broken Rendering using Vulkan backend
Euro Truck Simulator 2 #104285 Displays graphical artifacts with shadows enabled (flickering blocks around shadowed objects) Note: someone mentioned that bug doesn't appear on mesa-git with llvm-git from 08.01.2018 AMD R9 280X, Solus mesa 17.3.1 / llvm 5.0.0 Fixed in LLVM 6.
F1 2015 #99813 rendering problems The problems with Intel GPUs have been solved. Tested with a Radeon HD 7970 on RadeonSI and also saw no problems. Assuming fixed. AMD RX 480 ??
Master of Orion (2016) menu has a Red and Blue solid color with radeonsi and nvidia propr. on X. On Wayland flickering fixed by disabling AA in the configuration file. It was probably a game bug, fixed now all git 10/01/17
Minecraft ProjectE #100960 A Minecraft block isn't rendered at the correct position. The mod received a fix which solved the problem. all cards all versions fixed by game update
Mount & Blade: Warband Hangs on "screen-changes" from menus to the game and the other way round (map and fights <-> menu/dialog). ALT-TAB out and in again fixes it. Also, stuttering in the 3d/map mode sometimes - workaround: save the game (!?) Fixed in Mesa 17.1.8. AMD RX460 mesa 17.1.1 / lvvm 4.0.0 mesa 17.1.8 / llvm 4.0.1
Northgard #105532 Single Player (skirmish) map generation fails and therefore endless-loops. According to the developer they make use of OpenGL there in some way or the other. (Forum Support Thread), quote: "rendering 2D vectorized shapes and then reading back the resulting graphics buffer" fixed by game update AMD RX 460 (amdgpu), AMD R7 370 (ati), R9, Intel HD 520/620 mesa 17.2.8-17.3.6 / LLVM 5.0.1
Observer Game goes completely black when entering first door in apartment complex. Unplayable All 17.3.x
Payday 2 #99450 Some textures are glowing in some maps (e.g. Cash registers in Mallcrash) AMD RX 480, Mint 18.1 (4.8.0-34) mesa 13.0.3 / LLVM 3.9.1 mesa 17
Pillars of Eternity #99051. crash Note: Works well on Mesa 17.0 with llvm 3.9.1 => fix confirmed. mesa 13.1 mesa 17.0.0
Rise of the Tomb Raider #106151 #106877 Random GPU hangs RX Vega mesa 18.0 mesa 19.0 / LLVM 8.0
Rocket League #97879 Note: Fixed. Long hangs are gone mesa 17.0.0 (and game fix)
Rust #99413 All issues fixed on recent versions of mesa All
Saints Row 3 / 4 #98239 Very low framerate in outside areas, especially while driving. Runs fine in most indoor areas. As of Mesa 17.1+ and Linux kernel 4.11+, the games are generally playable (25+ fps). However, fps is still pitiful relative to Nvidia driver, and still plummets down to the single digits when looking over large areas. Note: SR3 works quite well on RX480 and mesa 17.1.5/LLVM 4.0.1 (70-80FPS in ultra) RX 480 & R7 360 mesa 17.0.0-dev / llvm 5.0-git
Screencheat Freezes often in the main menu (not always). The sound continues to run. (might be this bug). Note: Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480 AMD R9 270, Fedora 25 mesa 13.0.2 / llvm 3.8.0
ShellShock Live does not start Note: Works fine with Mesa 17.0 (LLVM 3.9.1) on RX480 HD 7950 after mesa reached GL 4.5
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Bug report Shadows not rendered correctly regressed since Mesa 18.0 Fixed fe8be81b4a525
Stellaris #98974 Seems to only affect the r600 Gallium driver, works fine with RX480 using mesa 17.1.5 and LLVM 4.0.1 Stellaris v2.0.1 - mesa 17.3.6
The Witcher 2 #98238 Fixed by Marek Olšák. Until /etc/drirc will catch up, set
AMD RX 480, radeonsi 17.2.0-devel (2ea16f08f3f)
This War of Mine #87059 Graphical glitches Mesa 18.2 probably earlier
Tyranny crash Note: Fixed with Mesa 17.0 mesa 13.1.0 mesa 17.0
Various Games #102885 #105152 Sparkle grid in shadows various cards Mesa 17.2 Mesa 19.0
Various Games #106713 ] Several games freeze the screen using Wayland in fullscreen mode various cards all versions fixed with xorg-server 1.20.4
VKcube #108620 Glitches Vega8 mesa 18.2.3 went away with bios update
War Thunder #101978 Slow Performance, regression. The OpenGL4 backend got removed by a game update, thus cant be reproduced anymore. mesa 17.3 fixed by game update
X3: Terran Conflict Runs slowly when a lot of text is rendered on screen mesa bisect good description of issue Any AMD Mesa graphics configuration after commit 07c65b85ea After commit 07c65b85ea Works in Mesa 19.0 but unsure when it was fixed exactly
X-Plane 10 #97909 #98492 #98977 The game needs the following Steam launch parameters in order to run with radeonsi: %command% --force_run --no_fbos At least in the Demo, there are no issues anymore. various cards all mesa versions probably fixed by Game update
X-Plane 11 #97909 #98492 #98977 Game must be run with the following parameter in order to start: "--force_run". Game will crash on starting the tutorial, which cannot be skipped, making the game seem unplayable initially. To work around this, open the plane maker app first, allow it to finish loading and then exit. Then start XPlane. This will trick XPlane into not running the tutorials any more, and you will be able to set up flights manually. Ensure clouds are turned off otherwise the game will immediately crash. You will be unable to launch the tutorials as they all include clouds which cannot be disabled. At least in the Demo, there are no issues anymore. various cards all mesa versions probably fixed by Game update

Native Games, Requires Compatibility Context

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Crookz: The Big Heist Requests a 3.2 COMPAT profile See Steam forum All All mesa-git (76c6d85cbd)
Grand Ages: Medieval #100390 Mesa gained compatibility profile support, reported fixed ALL ALL Mesa 18.2
Tropico 5 Requests a 1.0 COMPAT profile and uses GLSL 150 All All mesa-git (124d9dd57f)
Turok Requires MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.2 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=420 All All Game was fixed on official release. The issue was present only in public beta.
Worms W.M.D Requests a 2.0 COMPAT profile and uses GLSL 330 All All mesa-git (34d587abc2)

Non-native (Wine)

Game Bug Link Notes and workarounds GPU / Mesa driver Mesa / LLVM Version Fixed version
Assassin's Creed Odyssey #110216 Segfault when compiling compute shaders under DXVK all cards Mesa 19.0 commit
Batman: Arkham City #107765 GPU crash with DXVK under RADV. Radeon R9 380X all versions commit Mesa 18.3
CEMU #107612 #108720 Running Games with CEMU under Wine causes a GPU crash. RX Vega cards all versions fixed by program update
Deep Rock Galactic #109201 GPU hang. all cards broken with Mesa 18.3.2 fixed with Mesa 18.3.3
DIRT 3 & GTA V #107786 Objects are rendered a lot darker because of broken MSAA under DXVK. all cards affected all versions commit Mesa 18.3 devel
DOOM Wine AppDB post Green screen. See Mesa branch by David Airlie. Now has workaround in mainline, until iD issues fix AMD RX 480, amdgpu+radv Yes Mesa-Git 0eef03a (17.2)
DOOM #110636 Particle artifacting. all cards broken with LLVM 8.0.0. fixed in LLVM 9.0.0 devel
DOOM 3: BFG Edition #110143 White flickering screen. all cards Mesa 19.0.5 / 19.1
Gothic 2 #108019 Game freezes. Polaris 18.2.0 commit MESA 18.2.2
id Tech 5/6 #107693 Needed Compatibility profile workarounds. Mesa git 2018/09/12
Mass Effect Andromeda #106958 Incorrect rendering using DXVK. RX Vega cards all versions fixed in LLVM 8.0 devel
No Man's Sky #107581 The menu displays, but world graphics are either missing or solid white. This is due to GL 4.5COMPAT features not being available. RX580, radeonsi 18.3.0-devel (git-70bf639328) commit
No Man's Sky #108259 Shader issues after game update (2018-10-05) all cards all versions commit
Overwatch #110476 Some objects are rendered incorrectly all cards regression in LLVM 8.0.0 LLVM 9.0.0 devel
Space Engineers #110291 GPU hang RX Vega cards mesa-git + llvm-svn commit
The Evil Within / Need for Speed Payback #108594 Graphical distortions. various cards mesa-git + llvm-svn fixed in LLVM 9.0 devel
The Witcher 3 #107022 Trees are rendered incorrectly under DXVK. Probably LLVM 7.0.0 regression. Radeon HD R9 290X 18.2 fixed with LLVM 8.0
The Witcher 3 #108935 Terrain corruption in specific areas. all cards LLVM 8.0.0 devel regression fixed with LLVM 8.0
The Witcher 3 #109242 System freeze. all cards Mesa 18.3.1 commit
Wolfenstein II: TNO #104302 Broken melting facial animations various cards all versions fixed in LLVM 8.0 devel
World of Warcraft #106595 Corrupted graphics when MSAA is enabled under DXVK. GCN Generation 1 cards all versions should be fixed with Mesa 19.1