Installing games on Linux

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There are several, if not a multitude, of ways to get and play games on Linux. Whether it be a system-wide installation or for only one or more users. The options ultimately depends on choices made by the publisher which ways are available to the end-user.

Using Package Managers

Using package managers are by far the most common way of installing any software on modern Linux systems.

Installing from Repositories

Adding Repositories

Installing downloaded Packages

Digital Distribution Clients

  • Steam/SteamOS

Pre-Compiled Binaries

Non-Linux Games

Even if your favorite game is not released for Linux, don't fret. There is still a high chance of you being able to enjoy them in their full glory on your Linux box.

For Microsoft Windows games, See Wine.
For consoles, arcade machines and various non-IBM/PC computers, see Emulators

Compiling from Source

This applies only to games where the game's source code is available to you. This requires not only a compiler to be installed, but usually quite a few dependencies. For a novice user, this might be a daunting task.