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Free & Open Source games for Linux

Original games only here!

Name Platforms Genre Similar to
0 A.D. Linux Mac Windows Real Time Strategy Age of Empires
SuperTuxKart Linux Mac Windows BSD Solaris Kart Racing Mario Kart
OpenClonk Linux Mac Windows 2D Sidescroller

General Open source including game clones

In this section you can include games like Freeciv, OpenRA and UFO200

Engine Name Commercial Game Places to buy Notes
Micropolis Simcity GPL3 Version The open source version is called Micropolis (the initial name for SimCity) since EA retains the trademark Simcity.
OpenTTD Transport Tycoon Deluxe Amazon Original assets optional, there are free alternatives
OpenRA Command & Conquer: Red Alert Origin Freeware release in 2008
UFO2000 UFO:Enemy Unknown steam Right now only human vs. human multi-player is supported.
ioquake3 Quake III Arena Steam Adds improvements after iD open-sourced idTech3