Project 5: Sightseer (Community Server)

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Welcome to the Project 5: Sightseer Community Server for GamingOnLinux!

Current map

About the game

Project 5: Sightseer is a cooperative multiplayer sandbox game set in a vast, procedurally generated world. You will start with nothing but a scanner and a mining laser in the location of your choosing, then venture forth to find resources, build outposts, research technologies and ultimately unravel the world's secrets. Ref: Steam Store

You can find the changelog here.

Server guidelines

I've chosen to use the same guidelines as the official Rust server:

Raiding and killing must be kept within the bounds of friendly game play.

If the activity incites revenge or hatred then it has violated this rule and will not be tolerated.

Use your best judgment, respect others, and when in doubt ask questions.

How to connect

  1. Start the game.
  2. Chose the "GamingOnLinux Community server" from the server list

Custom flags

  • ubuntu
  • ubuwin (for us filthy dual booters)
  • debian
  • arch
  • solus
  • EST
  • windows10
  • rust
  • quarry
  • gol1
  • gol2
  • gol3

Contact me if you want more flags added! :)

Custom settings

  • Higher research cost. Reason: Slower progression gives the server a longer life before wipe is needed.
  • Higher tolerance for pollution. Pollution can go up to 50% before Bad Things™ start happening.
  • Max 10 outposts pr player. This is twice as high as the official servers. Reason: Make it easier for solos and small groups.

Who is currently playing?

Check this website for up-to-date information

Fun fact: We've already had over 40 unique players within the first 24 hours of online time.

I need help!

If asking in-game doesn't help feel free to contact me on:

  • Discord (I'm nox)
  • Telegram. You'll find me in the Gaming on Linux group under the name "Ole Erik"
  • Email