Querying and benchmarking AMD GPUs

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amdgpu is the kernel driver for modern AMD cards. So far AMD didn't provide open GUI application for Linux for querying or changing GPU paremeters, but you can still get some of that info from various kernel reports.

amdgpu power management info

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/amdgpu_pm_info

Or continuously:

watch -n 1 sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/amdgpu_pm_info

You'll see for example:

GFX Clocks and Power:
        1750 MHz (MCLK)
        1306 MHz (SCLK)

GPU Temperature: 68 C
GPU Load: 100 %

MCLK is video memory clock frequency, and SCLK is shader clock frequency (at which shader GPU cores run).

amdgpu temperature and fan speeds

If you have a decent motherboard, you can configure lm-sensors (make sure that package is installed) to query various information about your hardware.

sudo sensors-detect

Once they are configured, you can query them simply by running:


Relevant portion might look like:

Adapter: PCI adapter
fan1:         703 RPM
temp1:        +39.0°C  ...

Benchmarking applications with radeonsi