Unreleased Ports

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Just to track games that have delays, we will remove games that no longer plan a Linux version. This is *only* for games that still plan a Linux version.

For people editing: Please keep the links internal to GamingOnLinux if an article exists (search first!), Twitter and Facebook posts can get removed.

  • Contagion - "requires that we halt development to rewrite on an updated Engine"
  • Hero Generations - Kickstarted game with promised Linux support. After releasing it for Windows and Mac, the authors announced in a backers-only announcement that they had been ultimately unable to get the game working under Linux and that they were abandoning this platform.
  • Scrolls - Mojang stated their launcher wasn't ported to Linux, but the game uses Unity3D. Linux port was promised a long time ago. They do have an Linux client for testing, but no current plans to make it official, and they no longer reply to GamingOnLinux.com.