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Introduction to Linux Gaming

Games Lists

Guides and HOWTOs

Hardware and drivers troubleshooting

Developers Info

This is aimed at being a list of game engines and technology which supports you building Linux games within.

  • Game Engines - Aimed at developers to find a game engine they can build a game with that supports Linux.


Technical Support Links

Generally, the first port of call for problems that you may encounter is the dedicated support (forums, IRC, knowledgebases etc) provided by the Linux distribution that you're using. The relevant distro subreddit may also be useful. If the problem is a game-specific one, then searching out support from the game's site or Steam community hub may be of help. Otherwise, you may find the following links of use:

General Linux support

Gaming specific support

GamingOnLinux Links

General Linux Gaming Links

Linux games in stores

Wiki editing

  • Wiki markup - An overview of the syntax used for writing the wiki articles