13th December 2015

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Draft targeted for 2015-12-13

Covers crowdfunding news from 2015-11-22 through 2015-12-13


Collect candidate projects: <NAME>

Nominate projects: <NAME> (others are welcome to chip in a suggestion or two)

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Working space

Nominated projects



Psychonauts 2 - not sure, but it looks cool. Goal: $3.3m. Ends: 8 January.

Hidden Gems


Night City Assault - story-driven metroidvania-esque beat 'em up. Goal: ~$26k AUD. Ends: 29 December.

QUANTUM SUICIDE - visual novel set in space. Goal: $30k AUD. Ends: 19 December. Notes: Has Linux demo.

The Last Shore - action adventure with sailing and procedural island placement. Goal: $28k. Ends: 17 December. Notes: I've played a bit of a closed Linux demo/alpha?

Article content

Intro paragraph

Read the latest in crowdfunding news for Linux in the last issue of The Funding Crowd this year. We have an even mix of hidden gems and biggies this time, as well as a few bonus picks that might be worth checking out.

What Happened


Parkour game Failsafe didn't live up to its name, but is still being developed, and will be partially funded by pre-sales and merchandise like t-shirts and prints. For the latest news about the game, you can subscribe to the newsletter or follow the official Twitter account.

A last minute YouTube video by the popular Markiplier gave Song of Horror a much needed boost in pledges at the end of the campaign. It wasn't enough though, and the future is uncertain for this survival horror game.


Stash: No Adventurer Left Behind was another success for Frogdice, and it's not too late to pledge with PayPal if you want to play the early builds of this MMORPG.

Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain was already funded when we first covered it, and more than tripled its funding goal by the time the campaign ended.

Backers of Dad Quest can look forward to raising their indestructible children, as the campaign was a success.

It didn't look good for Indivisible at the beginning of the campaign, but a massive rush of pledges towards the end landed this campaign well beyond its $1.5m goal.

Undead Legions - Resurrection was also a late bloomer, but it inexplicably managed to get most of its funding towards the end, and the developer is now preparing an alpha for playtester backers.

We don't know what the future of futile piss sims holds, but now that Crypt Underworld has been funded, that question might be answered.

The colorful platformer Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper did get that classic campaign-end spike and managed to get past its funding goal at the very end.

Blacksea Odyssey already had a promising demo when the campaign started, and it must have convinced backers, since the game has now been funded.

Still in the Running

Comic book RPG Z Files: Infection is still missing two thirds of its goal, and will need a big spike in interest to make it with only three days left.

The Great Whale Road is only at a quarter of the required amount and has less than a week to go of the campaign. At this rate, it looks very unlikely to get funded.


Psychonauts 2

Banner http://i.imgur.com/24fEc32.jpg Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/Yx45F13.jpg

Our first biggie this time is Psychonauts 2, the much requested sequel to Double Fine's platformer classic. If funded, this game will be cast in the same mold as the original, and we'll follow Raz as he visits Psychonauts Headquarters and enters new mental minds to combat inner demons. In addition to funds received from this campaign, Double Fine and an undisclosed external partner will put money into the project to raise enough money to create a sequel with the same ambition as the previous game.

Goal: $2.6m+/$3.3m Time left: 29- days (12 January) Game pledge: $39 Website(s): Official website, Developer's website Other: PayPal option available.

Sector 13

Banner http://i.imgur.com/7yyWamK.jpg Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/gBmbuYw.webm

Fans of Wing Commander and Crimson Skies might be interested in our second biggie, third-person starfighter combat Sector 13. The game will be an intuitive space sim with a focus on action, and with many weapons and ships to choose from, as well as the ability to customize your starfighter. In addition, the game will support up to 16 players for cooperative and competitive multiplayer, and several different game modes to choose between.

Goal: $3,500+/$135k Time left: 29- days (13 January) Game pledge: $13 ($10) Website(s): Official website, Developer's website Other: Steam


Banner http://i.imgur.com/Y7wcEUa.png Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/ooIo9wH.png

It's not often we have three biggies to cover, but the studio behind Battlefield 1942 mod FinnWars has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund a standalone game built with Unreal Engine 4. Like the mod, this new game will focus on the battles between Finland and the Soviet Union during World War II, and is a first-person multiplayer shooter for at least 64 players using infantry, tanks and artillery. What makes this game unique is the asymmetrical multiplayer, inspired by the vastly different units and strategies utilized by the two factions in the real-life war the game is based on.

Goal: ~5k €/100k € Time left: 25- days (8 January) Game pledge: 25 € (20 €) Website(s): Official website, Mod DB Other: Fixed Funding campaign, meaning you will not be charged if it fails.

Hidden Gems

Night City Assault

Banner http://i.imgur.com/cjugMxm.jpg Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/YwU7cE3.png

Night City Assault is a beat 'em up platformer with exploration and unlockable combat moves and abilities. The game is set in the 80's and you get to play as play as detective Roy Silver, his partner Cindy Chan or both in co-op multiplayer mode. Weapons can be picked up and either be equipped or stowed away for later use. Levels will be packed with enemies and environmental hazards, and will be large enough to encourage exploration, which includes being able to enter buildings.

Goal: $6,800+ AUD/$26,290 AUD (~$19k) Time left: 15- days (29 December) Game pledge: $16 AUD (~$12) Website(s): Developer's website Other: Steam

The Last Shore

Banner http://i.imgur.com/PYUH6ng.jpg Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/glekdn3.webm

The Zelda-esque action adventure The Last Shore tells the story of a girl who goes up against the gods to protect her home and family. The game is inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and Proteus, but incorporates sailing across vast oceans with procedurally placed islands as a central gameplay element. At the beginning of the game, you're equipped with little more than your bare hands, but as you explore the land and seas, you come across weapons like a bow and a sword, as well as a few more powerful abilities.

Goal: $8,600+/$28k Time left: 3- days (17 December) Game pledge: $10 Website(s): Developer's website Other: Steam, has a closed demo on Steam

Kick Ass Commandos

Banner http://i.imgur.com/scxYOkx.jpg Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/W6Sg2ai.webm

Not sure what to get yourself for Christmas this year? Top-down retro shooter Kick Ass Commandos has already reached its goal and ends on Christmas Day, so you'll get your copy of the game on Steam Early Access in time for the holidays. That's right; the game is already available, and even has a Linux demo on Steam, but the developer is running a campaign to add more characters and levels, and hopefully get some more attention.

Goal: $600+/$250 Time left: 10- days (25 December) Game pledge: $9 Website(s): Developer's website Other: Steam, has demo on Steam


As always, we also have a few more "bonus picks":

Quantum Suicide is a visual novel/dating sim set in space, with six courtable options and a Linux demo.

A More Beautiful World also has a demo and is a dialogue only visual novel about a witch in a medieval world.

Super Micro Heroes is an MMO retro platformer for up to 10 players, developed with the open source Godot engine.

3D action adventure Deserted looks very intriguing, but is unfortunately far from hitting its goal with less than two weeks left of the campaign.

If you think we missed any campaigns we should have covered, feel free to tell us about them in the comments.

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