21st September 2014

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Draft targeted for 2014-09-21

Covers crowdfunding news from 2014-08-26 through 2014-09-21


Collect candidate projects: <NAME>

Nominate projects: <NAME> (others are welcome to chip in a suggestion or two)

Order nominated projects: <NAME>


  • Intro: <NAME>
  • What Happened: <NAME>
  • Still in the Running: <NAME>
  • New picks: <MULTIPLE NAMES>


Working space

Nominated projects


Untold Universe Voxel sandbox MMORPG. Doesn't look like it's gonna make it... (Ends on 5 Oct)

Pathologic Open-world, first-person survival adventure. Almost funded within its first week. (Ends on 7 Oct)

Hidden Gems

Age of Grit Firefly-inspired RPG. Almost funded. (Ends on 26 Sep)

Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler! Point-n-click adventure, from one of the creators of the original Monkey Island. (Ends on 6 Oct)

Speedster's votes for new picks (descending preference): Ironcast, Desolate, Outpost 13, Extrasolar, Go Kinok
muntdefems' votes for new picks (descending preference): Warlocks, CodeSpells, Paradigm, Band Saga, Extrasolar (with desolate as a runner-up)

Madness: Project Nexus 2 Fast-paced run-n-gun shooter. Linux support almost guaranteed. (Ends on Sep 23)

desolate 2D puzzle adventure, with a hand-drawn art style. (Ends on 30 Sep)

Warlocks Multiplayer, 2D pixel-art, action platformer. (Ends on 2 Oct)

Band Saga Music-generated action roguelike. (Ends on 2 Oct)

Poncho Open-world puzzle platformer. Pixel artstyle somewhat similar to FEZ. (Ends on 2 Oct)

Ironcast Turn-based strategy game. 1v1 mech combat using match-tiles mechanics. (Ends on 3 Oct)

Star Traders 2 Turn-based RPG/space trading game. (Ends on 4 Oct)

Outpost 13 Point-n-click adventure/strategy game. You play as a dog/alien simbiotic lifeform. (Ends on 4 Oct)

CodeSpells Spellcrafting sandbox. Already funded. (Ends on 4 Oct)

Judged Court trial simulator. Already funded. (Ends on 4 Oct)

Paradigm Surreal point-n-click adventure game. Linux demo coming soon. (Ends on 6 Oct)

Kraden's Crypt Co-op dungeon crawler, with a peculiar weapon control system. (Ends on 8 Oct)

Extrasolar: Season 2 Innovative exploration game/interactive story played through the web. Season 1 freely available (registration required). (Ends on 9 Oct)

Go Kinok! Go! 2D speedy platformer with some puzzle and adventure elements. Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. Linux support confirmed by the creators. (Ends on 13 Oct)

Heroes Never Lose - Less than a grand away from the Linux goal with 23 days left, pretty solid bet it will hit it.

Spacewrights - A tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android. Looks like it will be an interesting project to follow, and with a small goal it should be reasonably easy to hit. Seems a bit odd that the demo is Windows only though.

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Intro paragraph

What Happened


Your friendly neighborhood FC team had some keen disappointments this time, with the failure of Kaptain Brawe 2, Fritz, and Script Kiddies. Kaptain Brawe was already the second funding attempt, so the team will be looking for more conventional funding sources rather than gearing up for another crowdfunding attempt. Fritz came in fairly close to the goal, about $3k away not counting the accidental over-pledge that caused the creator to cancel it. A second attempt could easily be successful, if it were attempted. Script Kiddies, on the other hand, needs some effort put into community-building before a relaunch is likely to be successful.

The final failing campaign in this batch of Gems, Major Drip: Case of the Runnies, was cancelled as a lost cause a couple of days before the deadline.


Rising Angels: Fates ended up at 162% of the minimum goal, which translates to funding for the first 3 stretch goals, notably including voice acting.

Ray's the Dead had a very lively run as well, reaching 172% of the base goal for over $50k pledges. This encompasses 4 stretch goals, for example an additional boss fight. Fans of Ray who somehow managed to miss his comeback campaign are invited to preorder with a Humble widget.

Elysian Shadows continues our run of projects that succeeded with a comfortable margin, over $35k above the ambitious $150k base goal. The 16-bit RPG gamers turned up in droves, to the tune of 2282 backers, together raising enough to hit the first stretch goal: bonus events that are unlocked after the first playthrough.

Hard West had a lot of momentum as well, funding half-way through the time period and accumulating an extra $24k during the second half of the campaign. $10k of that stretch goal money is earmarked for work on Mac and Linux ports, which should now get simultaneous release with the windows version!

Stash: No Loot Left Behind was the only close call among this batch of winners, reaching the $50k goal in the final 48 hours with the help of over 120 new backers including some GOL members. Linux gamers with a fondness for role-playing should definitely keep an eye on Stash, which will be an RP-heavy MMO with a fully supported native Linux client.

Still in the Running




Hidden Gems




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