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This page is newly created, under heavy construction and is at the moment simply an idea of how to maybe organize it.


Digital Gamepads


USB NES RetroPad - Manufacturer: - Model:<unknown> - Note: This is basically a clone of the Nintendo NES gamepad. Great for using with emulators.

Analog Gamepads


Lists of typical arcade sticks and retro computer sticks. For e.g more modern thumbstick controllers, see [Gamepads section link]

Analog Joysticks

Sometimes referred to as flight-sticks, since they traditionally mimic fighter-jet's control sticks.

Digital Joysticks


Competition Pro USB Joystick - Manufacturer: - Model:SL-6603-SBK - Note: This is basically a clone of one of the most popular Commodore Amiga/C64 etc joysticks. Great for using with emulators.


Steering-wheels, pedals etc.

Guitars, dance-mats, drum sets, brainwave-headsets, gloves...



These allow you to use devices such as PS2, Nintendo 64 or Gamecube gamepads on your PC.