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Some sources to the article "Stores selling Linux games".

Registration of Linux sales

Email conversations with different stores regarding how they register Linux sales. This is the mail sent to the different stores:


I'm wondering if ${store_name} registers which operating system that their costumers are buying games from? More specifically, if I buy a game from my Linux machine, is this registered as a Linux sale? If so, how do you register this?

If you don't do this, do you register other things, like what operating system is used when downloading a game?

The reason why I am asking is that I and many other Linux gamers find it important that our purchases are registered as Linux purchases, since that is one way to support our operating system of choice. Also, I am creating a wiki page about different Linux game stores, and this information would be valuable to have on the wiki.'s initial response (17 August 2016):

Hello, yes, yes we do register such data, but, unfortunately, I am unable to disclose the details of how do we gather it, only that we do it anonymously, so not connected to a specific account, but more as statistics.


Beta Ray Bill

My response asking for clarifications:

Shame you can't disclose how you gather the data, but thanks for the quick response. Just to be clear, with "such data" do you refer to data about purchases, downloads or both?

Their second response:

Hello, this is the kind of details I'm unable to disclose. But since every purchase is a complete package of all systems and languages available, I +would say it would be more of general users + downloads.


Beta Ray Bill

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle's response (18 August 2016):

Hi there!

The information is attached to the version of the browser that you use when you check out — it is recored that way. :)

We also display warnings about buying games that aren't available for your platform in this way (though some products don't have them set up yet).

We don't, to my knowledge register what version of an OS you have when you download something.

Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


Fireflower games

Fireflower games response (18 August 2016):

Thanks for contacting us.

We don't register what OS customers buy from but we register what OS they download for.




Gamejolt's response (18 August 2016):


We certainly do! Our client logs the actual operating system, on the site we use the user agent to detect the operating system. We use Linux ourselves and constantly encourage developers to add Linux builds.


Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars's response:

Steve Bagnall, Aug 17, 14:46 BST

Since our store is focused on the sale of Steam keys we record website visitor statistics more than gaming statistics.

May I suggest you make an enquiry with Steam for better information


Feral Store

Feral Interactive's initial response:

Hi August,

Thank you for your interest in our Linux releases!

Yes, our store detects the system used to purchase a game, so any Linux purchase is registered as just that.

Best Regards,

Gerard McAuley

My response asking for further details and information regarding how steamkeys count:

Thanks for the reply!

Just out of curiosity, how do you detect the system, is it through the browsers user agent?

I also have a different but related question, do you guys know how steam count the platform for games bought as a steam key. For example, if I buy a steam key of Life is Strange through Gamers Gate which I later redeem, and play, on a Linux system, will this sale be reported as a Linux sale? I asked Gamers Gate if they themselves gather data about what operating system that their costumers use and they answered no. I figure you should have some knowledge about how this works since your revenue depends on Linux and Mac purchases actually getting counted as such.

Their second response:

Hi August,

I am not sure of the ins and outs of how the system is detected but believe it simply detects OS (Mac, Linux or Windows) and browser used.

If a Linux version is purchased from Gamersgate it will be registered as a Linux sale, due to the fact that we provide them with Linux keys to sell and they have a separate Linux listing for each game, for example:

Most other retailers will not register as Linux sales regardless of whether the key is redeemed on a Linux system and played there. To ensure the revenue is counted as Linux (and goes to us!), please purchase directly from our website, Steam, Gamersgate or Humble Store; all of which would register the sale as Linux.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Gerard McAuley