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GOG vs

Relating to the recent change of simplifying to GOG I have a question, whether it is the right way or should be used actually? GOG is shorter and well known, but it seeems that for a while "GOG" kinda sticks to brand everywhere - including logo, site title and footer. Even Wikipedia correctly starts article as " (formerly Good Old Games)" and uses throughout the article, though with the exception of the first paragraph and few instances later on (it seems they get confused, too :P). I'm asking this, because I was leaning to renaming the references of "GOG" to "", including page names, but now I'm reluctant to do so to avoid confusion :).

Anyway and TL;DR shouldn't be used instead GOG since that's the name they used sitewide nowadays? Faalagorn/ 16:26, 29 January 2017 (UTC)

It's kind of unclear. Some in GOG try to use such branding, while others simply use GOG. In speech it's for sure used as simply GOG by own GOG employees. See here and here even in the official presentation writing. No one says in speech. So I'd say it should be fine to use GOG as well in writing. We aren't making legal documents here. It's easier on the eyes and takes less space. GOG might have some legal reason to add .com to their logo (may be trademarks and such). But I don't think it should affect anyone else using the name. — Shmerl (talk) 20:05, 29 January 2017 (UTC)