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Oniondreams: I'm thinking that the second section of this article should be removed and the games listed there should be moved to either the first section of this page or to the Open Source Game Engines List, because right now it is quite unclear where things correctly belong. My suggestion is that the entries that don't require any extra assets (Micropolis, OpenTTD) are moved to the first section of this page, and that entries that requires assets from an original game (OpenRA, CoresixTH, ioquake3) are moved to the Open Source Game Engines List. UFO2000 seems to be a bit of a special case, since it can be played both with and without the assets from UFO: Enemy Unknown. Maybe it can be listed at both places.

I'm going to replace OpenArena with Xonotic as the more up-to-date Quake-like game unless someone objects in the next few days Ads20000 (talk) 22:55, 26 February 2017 (UTC)