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Example of starting a fresh page with contents

{{subst:FundingCrowdTemplate | TARGET_DATE = 2013-09-30 | LAST_DATE = 2013-09-23}}

and then editing the results as needed.

Draft targeted for 2013-09-30


Collect candidate projects: Speedster

Nominate projects: MumbleFritz, Speedster, ZanyPenguinGamer, UltraSlackerPenguin

Order nominated projects: ZanyPenguinGamer


  • Intro: MumbleFritz
  • What Happened: MumbleFritz
  • Still in the Running: MumbleFritz
  • New picks: Speedster, ZanyPenguinGamer

Graphics: UltraSlackerPenguin

Working space

Candidate projects

Projects that will still be running 2013-09-30 but have not yet been covered as of 2013-09-23:

Name Game Genre Minimum Pledge Total Goal Linux without a stretch goal? Stretch goal amount Campaign Launch Deadline Playable content
Sword 'N' Board Puzzle Adventure $5 $7,500 Yes None 30 Aug 2013 30 Sep 2013
0 A.D. RTS $5 $160,000 Yes None 4 Sep 2013 21 Oct 2013 Alpha 14
Arakion First Person RPG $15 $25,000 Yes None 12 Sep 2013 13 Dec 2013
Beyond Black Space Space RTS $15 $56,000 Yes None 2 Aug 2013 16 Sep 2013
Lacuna Passage Exploration / Survival $10 $40,000 Yes None 8 Sep 2013 20 Oct 2013
Planetary Annihilation RTS $15 $900,000 Yes* (was added later) None 10 Sep 2013 15 Oct 2013
Biesties Virtual Pets $8 $15,000 Yes* (browser game) None 18 Jul 2013 16 Sep 2013
Project Phoenix JRPG / RTS $20 $100,000 Yes None 3 Sep 2013 2 Oct 2013
Armikrog. Point & Click Adventure $20 $900,000 Yes None 2 Aug 2013 2 Sep 2013

The above rows are examples copy-pasted from edit page of Ongoing projects table in List of crowdfunding games (well technically I threw in a bunch of old games for fun, putting in fake dates, after all this is just a demo...)

Nominated projects

Votes cast

  • Speedster
  • MumbleFritz
  • ZanyPenguinGamer

The following new projects from above list are under consideration:


  • Armikrog
    • Speedster: I'll definitely take this one
  • Project Phoenix
    • ZanyPenguinGamer: I'll take this one if nobody else has their heart set on it
  • Planetary Annihilation

Hidden Gems

  • Arakion
  • Sword 'N' Board
  • Lacuna Passage
    • Speedster: I'll take this one if I have time, unless somebody else is up for it?

Article content

Intro paragraph

Welcome to another episode of The Funding Crowd, in which we have secretly replaced star writer Muntdefem with a motley crew recruited off the street. Enjoy!

What Happened


Waking Amy suffered a painful defeat as it ended above the 80% mark, but its creators are considering to relaunch the project in a few months.


7 Days to Die gave us the first good news of the week. It more than doubled the $200k funding mark and unlocked all the stretch goals in the process. Said stretch goals include more locations, items, weapons and enemies, an expanded skill tree, seasonal weather, Oculus Rift support, animal zombies, NPCs, professional voice acting, or drivable vehicles among others. If you happened to miss the campaign you still can get alpha access to the game on its website, although it seems the Linux version is still not available.

Chroma Squad is the recent addition to the Happy Ending Club. Not that it came as a surprise really, since the project was successful very early in the campaign. The key ending 48-hour period didn't provide a good enough spike to hit that last stretch goal of an episode editor, though. But hopefully it can still be achieved if enough pre-orders are received through the Humble Store on the game's website. A Greenlight page has also been launched.

Still in the Running

Neverending Nightmares is a horror-infused stealth game inspired by living through the nightmare of dealing with mental illness. After the financial disaster of his previous game Retro/Grade Matt Gilgenbach needs this campaign to be able to stay indie and make the game of his dreams -- which happens to be very much on the nightmare side of dreams, with art hand-drawn in black, white, and blood red. Fans of Amnesia: The Dark Descent should consider pledging to help put Matt's nightmares to good use; this campaign has hit 34% funding after about half the time has passed, so plenty more horror fans are needed.

New-pick paragraphs


<WIP: Speedster>

In a world where evil scientists with monkeys growing out of their heads are a dime-a-dozen, where goldfish customarily plot planetary domination with the oratory style of a televangelist, where furry sidekicks commonly cope with stress by turning into a monster and attacking the hero... In such a world, the gaming public is justified in wondering why they should care whether Doug TenNapel returns to the field of game design.

This is not that world.

This is a world that needs Armikrog.

Project Phoenix

<TODO: ZanyPenguinGamer>

Planetary Annihilation




Sword 'N' Board


Lacuna Passage


New-pick banners

Armikrog: http://i.imgur.com/sOPG8fU.png

Project Phoenix: http://i.imgur.com/GDQdqK0.jpg