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Still to be released

This list is for games that were supposed to be on Linux, but released without Linux support. Not for games that have yet to be released on any platform.

Game Comments
2Dark "Sorry, but there is no Linux version planned yet"
Carmageddon: Reincarnation/Carmageddon: Max Damage Linux Kickstarter stretch goal reached, with an release estimate of late 2013. The last message from Stainless Games was on 22. Feb. 2016: "we will make a very clear statement on that in the near future". The developer has made repeating statments to the GamingOnLinux twitter citing things about probable low sales, outright trolling us and so on. We had to block them due to their attitude and hijacking tweets we sent to other developers.
Contagion "requires that we halt development to rewrite on an updated Engine"
Darksiders The port later switched hands, so that original developer has nothing to do with it (stop tweeting him).
Darksiders 2 Everyone is silent on this one
Dungeon of the Endless Last mention of the porting effort was on the 23rd of January, 2015. Steam Community post by developer
Evoland 2 Was announced as being released on Linux shortly after Windows but still no sign of it.
Gas Guzzlers Extreme The publisher stated on twitter to GamingOnLinux that the guys porting it didn't work out, port is forever MIA with no status, probably not coming now.
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Linux port promised in Humble Bundle 11, reiterated later as coming in 2014, Port now done in-house in 2015
GODUS Linux stretch goal had been reached. However, it doesn't look like it will come.
Homefront: The Revolution No word from the developer since June 2016
Kingdom Come: Deliverence The developers promised linux version in kickstarter campaign. The beta version of game should have linux support. The beta was released in March and even the loader of the game needed wine-mono to run properly. Last information from developers is from July and they are saying that linux version is not planned for release in 2017.
QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube The Linux port has been delayed due to other features having preference and a dire financial situation.
Space Colony: Steam Edition
Street Fighter V Silence.
Through the Woods After having Linux demo, two weeks before release date the developers said that the game will not come to Linux due to "platform-specific technology". Much later the developers hinted they "still gonna do a real effort to try and make it happen".
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt See the timeline of events.
Total War Rome 2 Originially confirmed here
Vox Back in May 2014, the Linux port was 'coming soon'.
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Newest information about linux client from developers:

When do you plan to release linux client? It will be available during closed alpha or later?

NATHAN: For Linux, it’s last on the list right now as the audience is less than 2% of founders. However, both Mac and Linux are native to Unreal Engine 4 and we expect not too much effort starting up those clients. We have no timing at this point, but obviously we’d like this to happen before launch. In fact, our server builds already run on Linux.

The release date is already announced to September 23 2016. I doubt there will be any linux client until release.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Linux was promised during the kickstarter with acess to the alpha / beta for kickstarter backers. Still planned, not for alpha.

Officially on hold

Game Comments
The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter It was moved to Unreal Engine 4, but now it seems it won't happen.

Cancelled Linux Ports

Game Name Comments
Batman: Arkham Knight
Deus Ex Loki port, was never released
Endless Legend Frogsquadron posted in Steam discussion, "Unfortunately, given the very low percentage of users actually using Linux, this would represent a hugely disproportionate investment in resources (both financial and in personnel) for a studio of our size, and is a commitment we can't make at the moment."
FRACT Developer ran into issues with middleware and doesn't plan any more ports of FRACT. They hope to support Linux in their next game.
Gauntlet Steam discussion post from 7/2015, "it was decided that our limited resources were better dedicated to making the PC version the best it possibly could be."
Hero Generations Kickstarted game with promised Linux support. After releasing it for Windows and Mac, the authors announced in a backers-only announcement that they had been ultimately unable to get the game working under Linux and that they were abandoning this platform.
Project Cars After a long wait, they said to GOL that there are now no Plans for Linux.
Scrolls Entire game was shut down, it only ever had an experimental Linux version after a long time of waiting
Stonehearth In a blog post titled "Leaving the Nest", Radiant Entertainment mentioned "it’s more work than our team can handle at this point".
Unreal Tournament 3 Was ported by Icculus, but it get never released for "Unknown reasons" Phoronix post