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Planetary Annihilation Now In Gamma Phase With Major Patch, New GOL Video For You
Posted , 28 February 2014 at 11:57 am UTC / 3740 views
Planetary Annihilation has been again updated and set into the "Gamma" development phase. Featuring a new interface, social features & more!

Our video is below the change-list.

There are a vast amount of changes;

An Armory where you can view commanders and select what commander to use by default (it also then displays that commander on the home-screen), you can also see what badges you have earnt.

A new social feature where you can add friends and block people from seeing your games (a nice touch to keep out people who troll you).

Brand new orchestral score, a lot of awesome battleground music to eargasm over.

Here is a new video for you showing it off, I start by ahowing you the new armory and then I take on the AI once again.

Wile messing about with my commander in a drop-pod that appeared over an enemy base on another planet, my base got nuked, ouch!
When sending my commander to another planet; I am not sure if my commander got blown up inside the pod or outside as you can see in the video around 16:31 my commander is standing still, in space.

GOL Planetary Annihilation Gamma

Apologies for the panel being at the bottom and top, didn't even realise it was recording them! Luckily they don't get in the way!

If any Linux gamers who own it fancy being featured in a video of a 1on1 with me, let me know and we can arrange something.

I am the owner of GamingOnLinux. A fan of anything techy, and not just Linux stuff.

You can follow my personal blog here.

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