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Category: Action
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Emerald Shores, a SNES-inspired platformer with minigames and more has Linux support

For those after their next retro platformer, the SNES-inspired Emerald Shores is out on Steam with Linux support.

Heroes Ravage, a rather unique online action game will support Linux

Yet another interesting crowdfunded game to take a look at today, we have Heroes Ravage an online action game that has you play as both heroes and villagers.

2D action adventure 'Unsung Warriors' has an expanded Prologue along with a Kickstarter

I took a look at the Prologue of Unsung Warriors back in October last year and it was pretty good! They've now expanded it, put it on Steam and they have a Kickstarter going for the full game.

ET: Legacy, the open source continuation of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has a new release out

I have some pretty fond memories of playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory online with friends many years ago, so to see it still alive and kicking with ET: Legacy is awesome.

Arc Savior, another space combat game will be supported on Linux after release

Arc Savior, a new space combat game from developer Squid Monkey Studios is releasing later this month and it looks quite interesting. Turns out the developer is going to support Linux too.

Free public Itch alpha of space shooter Gravity Ace is up for grabs

If you would cry happy tears at the thought of a modern successor to 80s games like Thrust and Gravitar, then brace yourself for a river. Developer John Watson is making that dream a reality with his first commercial release, Gravity Ace. And you can try it for free!

The fun and challenging action-RPG 'Mana Spark' can now be found on GOG

While it's had Linux support for a few months and has been available on other stores, today GOG have added the action-RPG Mana Spark.

We Need To Go Deeper could be a lot of fun but it needs to do a better job at everything

With thanks to a supporter, I was gifted a copy of We Need To Go Deeper. It's a 2-4 player co-op submarine roguelike and it's pretty rough.

One Step From Eden, an action-packed deck-building roguelike plans Linux support (updated)

Inspired by the likes of Nuclear Throne, Slay the Spire, Risk of Rain and more One Step From Eden looks like a promising action-packed deckbuilding roguelike.

Kontrakt, a hyper-violent action-adventure finally works properly on newer Linux distributions

Kontrakt actually released back in October last year, sadly it only supported older distributions but this is now fixed so I've taken a look.

Abstract Hell is like a twin-stick shooter Pac-Man and it's a lot of fun

Abstract Hell from developer Nathan Best released recently with Linux support and it's really quite good.

Happy Room, a game of completely mindless fun that works well on Linux

Happy Room, a game you might not have heard of and you will be forgiven for that (I hadn't either) as it released in 2016. Turns out, they added a Linux version just after release so we completely missed it. A bit of a warning though, it's certainly not one to show a younger audience.

Smith and Winston, the beautiful voxel-based twin stick shooter with a focus on exploration is now on Steam

I've been massively impressed with my time spent in Smith and Winston, which just made its way onto Steam for some Early Access fun.

Damsel, the fast-paced action platformer with comic-like story-telling is worth a look

After being sent a copy of Damsel from Screwtape Studios to our Steam Curator, I spent some time as Special Agent Damsel.

Runic Rampage, an action-RPG that works well on Linux that would fit a more casual audience

Here's a game we completely missed that released back in 2017 - Runic Rampage. An action-RPG from developer Electrocosmos.
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