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Category: Action
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Some early thoughts on 'Ancient Warfare 3', a sandbox battle game currently in Early Access

Ancient Warfare 3 from Jannik Nickel is a highly customizable sandbox game where you create your own battles, I took a look.

Tannenberg, the WWI shooter has officially left Early Access and it's good fun

With massive online battles and some great design work, the WWI FPS Tannenberg has now left Early Access.

Wraithslayer looks like a pretty fun boss battle game, coming soon

Wraithslayer could be an interesting one, a back to basics 2D action boss battler that's releasing soon.

JUMPGRID is a fantastic 2D dodge-em-up that will give your fingers a workout

Did you enjoy Super Hexagon? JUMPGRID is a brand new dodge-em-up with simple and addictive gameplay.

Rick Henderson looks like a great endless shoot 'em up coming to Linux later this year

With a great soundtrack and some intense looking action, Rick Henderson is blasting onto Linux later this year.

Brutal retro-inspired FPS 'DUSK' officially arrives on Linux

Spread across three distinct campaign episodes, DUSK is a brutal retro-inspired shooter from David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive and it's now on Linux.

Neon Chrome, the frantic shooter from 10tons arrives on GOG with Linux support

If you're in need for some fast-paced ruthless action, GOG has you covered today with their release of 10tons' twin-stick shooter Neon Chrome.

Deck-building action roguelike 'One Step From Eden' is fully funded and on the way to Linux

One Step From Eden fuses together deck-building with plenty of customisation and some fun looking action, it's also managed to get fully funded on Kickstarter.

Geneshift, the 2D GTA-inspired Battle Royale has another update enabling more online modes for everyone

Sounds like Geneshift is going in a good direction, with the latest update now out for this 2D GTA-inspired Battle Royale game.

BulletRage might just be the most over the top twin-stick shooter I've ever played

BulletRage, releasing later this year is a twin-stick shooter from Chimera One Games that promises non-stop action and I've had a play with a preview build.

Toy soldier shooter 'The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare' has another big update and a price drop

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare, which returned to having official Linux support recently has another big update out and they've dropped the price too.

The latest update on Black Mesa shows some good progress on this Half-Life fan game

I'm quite excited for the final release of Black Mesa, as someone who only completed the original Half-Life in the last few years (after it came to Linux) playing through a heavily improved version is going to be great.

DUSK, the popular retro-inspired FPS now has a Linux testing build up, out for everyone next week

DUSK, a retro-inspired FPS from David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive looks awesome and you can test it out on Linux right now.

Wand Wars, a fast-paced magical sports game supports Linux and had a big update recently

Here's a magical action game we somehow completely missed reporting on at all. Wand Wars, released back in 2016 and it's had Linux support since release. It's still getting fresh content years later too.

Super Versus, a multiplayer action superhero game is coming to Linux

Ever wanted to be a superhero? I'm sure it's a dream we've all had at some point in our lives. Super Versus, looks like it will let you do that.
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