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Category: Action
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Auto Age: Standoff, a colourful car combat game may come to Linux

By liamdawe, 22 September 2017 at 9:11 am UTC (4 Comments)
Auto Age: Standoff looks like a rather vibrant car combat game and it could see a Linux release with enough support from the community.

RUINER is reconfirmed for Linux once again

By liamdawe, 22 September 2017 at 8:19 am UTC (6 Comments)
After the stupidly confusing mixed messages about the Linux version of RUINER, the developer has now reconfirmed that its coming to Linux.

Quantum Replica, a game of fast-paced stealth and metroidvania action releases for Linux next year

By liamdawe, 21 September 2017 at 12:45 pm UTC (8 Comments)
Quantum Replica, another game from publisher 1C Company, who've teamed up with developer ON3D will bring some fast-paced stealth and metroidvania action to Linux when it releases next year. Come check out the new trailer!

Post apocalyptic open-world survival game 'Ashworld' launches on Steam

By liamdawe, 21 September 2017 at 9:51 am UTC (2 Comments)
Ashworld is the latest game from indie developer Orangepixel. It's a post apocalyptic open-world survival game and it's actually pretty good.

Shotgun Farmers adds a 'Gromato Launcher' that launches exploding tomatoes

By liamdawe, 21 September 2017 at 9:36 am UTC (3 Comments)
Shotgun Farmers is such a fantastic idea for an FPS and it's pretty darn fun, this latest patch sounds juicy.

Arma 3 1.76 for Linux is planned, work on it to start "soon"

By liamdawe, 20 September 2017 at 2:14 pm UTC (21 Comments)
Bohemia Interactive have announced in their latest "SITREP" that the Linux version of Arma 3 will be updated to the latest version of 1.76, work is set to start on it "soon".

Blowing everyone up in EVERSPACE, my thoughts

By liamdawe, 19 September 2017 at 7:35 pm UTC (17 Comments)
After a long wait, EVERSPACE arrived for Linux recently, here’s my thoughts of this rather intense space shooter.

The developers of "Burst The Game" address the asset flip accusations and say Linux fixes are coming

By liamdawe, 18 September 2017 at 7:19 pm UTC (6 Comments)
Burst The Game, a free to play online FPS recently launched into Steam Early Access, the problem was it didn't work on Linux and it was basically the Unreal "Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit".

Hollow Knight to add a Halloween free content update with lots of new content

By liamdawe, 18 September 2017 at 1:42 pm UTC (6 Comments)
Need more Hollow Knight? Your wish has been answered, as more free content is heading to this incredibly stylish side-scrolling action-packed platformer.

Take out enemies from an attack helicopter using an FLIR camera in Chopper: Lethal darkness

By liamdawe, 18 September 2017 at 9:53 am UTC (9 Comments)
Chopper: Lethal darkness is a simple indie game about taking out enemies from an attack helicopter with an FLIR camera.

Stealing cars, helicopters and blowing stuff up in Voxel Turf, some thoughts

By liamdawe, 16 September 2017 at 8:01 pm UTC (11 Comments)
Voxel Turf is the new block based urban sandbox from developer L Twigger, some may see it as a voxel sandbox version of Grand Theft Auto, so here’s some thoughts.

The situation of 'RUINER' coming to Linux is so very strange, developers now asking for requests

By liamdawe, 15 September 2017 at 12:39 pm UTC (26 Comments)
I was excited about RUINER, as I'm sure many of you were also. It was originally announced the Linux support and now it's just strange.

Prime Arena, a game inspired by MOBA and PUBG should see a future Linux released

By liamdawe, 15 September 2017 at 12:28 pm UTC (7 Comments)
What do you get when you cross a MOBA style game with PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS), well Prime Arena apparently. It should see a Linux release in future too.

WWI FPS 'Tannenberg' from the developers of Verdun to see day-1 Linux support

By liamdawe, 15 September 2017 at 11:54 am UTC (4 Comments)
Tannenberg is not only from the Verdun developers, it's also serves as a standalone expansion. The developers have announced the release date and platforms now too.

SteamWorld Dig 2 to release on Steam with Linux support on September 22nd

By liamdawe, 14 September 2017 at 7:48 pm UTC (8 Comments)
Note down September 22nd in your gaming calendars, as SteamWorld Dig 2 will officially release on Steam with Linux support.
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