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The voxel editor "SpriteStack" recently released on Steam with Linux support

If you're a game developer or you just like making good-looking retro art you might want to take a look at SpriteStack.

Valve releases a new update to the Steam Client, nice Linux fixes made it in again

Valve have released a new stable version of the Steam Client today to add new features, improve existing features and catch some pesky bugs flying around.

CoreCtrl, a new FOSS Linux tool to help you control your PC with application profiles

Quite an interesting one this, CoreCtrl from developer Juan Palacios aims to be a "game changer" in letting you setup your hardware to do things automatically when a program is launched and more.

RetroArch, the front-end app for emulators and more is heading to Steam

RetroArch, a popular front-end application for running emulators, game engines and much more is now officially coming to Steam.

SC Controller, the UI and driver for the Steam Controller has new releases out

SC Controller is a truly wonderful bit of software, enabling the use and customization of the Steam Controller outside of Steam.

Video recording and livestreaming software OBS Studio has released 23.2.0

OBS Studio, the free and open source one-stop shop for Linux livestreaming has a brand new release available today, following on from the Release Candidate nearly a month ago.

More shots of Steam's new Library design thanks to a leak (updated)

We know that Valve are slowly working on an overhaul to parts of the Steam Client and we have more shots of it according to a leak. UPDATED.

GOG are revamping GOG Galaxy, to help you manage multiple launchers and still no Linux support

Today, GOG officially announced Galaxy 2.0 and their aim seems to be to pull everyone together under one roof.

Valve have released a new dedicated mobile Steam Chat application

Now that Valve have upgraded the chat and friends system in the desktop Steam client, they've also rolled out a brand new dedicated mobile application to do the same.

Video recording and livestreaming software OBS Studio has a new 23.2 Release Candidate out

For those who create videos and livestreams, OBS Studio is for the most part all you need. It continues advancing too, with a Release Candidate out for OBS 23.2.

UNIGINE recently updated the Superposition benchmark tool with free VR support, Linux VR supported

UNIGINE announced earlier this month an update to their UNIGINE 2 Engine powered Superposition benchmark tool, with new features in the free version.

You can now easily run the Epic Store on Linux with Lutris, Epic suggests applying for a grant

Thanks to some effort from the team behind Lutris (and Wine of course), you can now run the Epic Store quite easily on Linux.

Game launcher Lutris has another release out, adding a little spit and polish

Lutris, where would I be without you now? This excellent open source game launcher has another point release out to fix some bits up.

The open source livestreaming and recording software OBS Studio has a new release out

Here's something fun for you content creators this weekend, as OBS Studio just released a fresh build for you.

The open source game manager Lutris had another sweet update recently

What's that, too many launchers or no easy way to manage GOG games on Linux? Lutris might solve this problem for you.
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